Skip the Drive-Thru :: $1.99 Hungry Kids Meals every Tuesday at Applebee’s

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applebee'sIf your family is anything like mine, weekdays can be really chaotic. Work, errands, to-do lists. Picking up kids from school or daycare, helping with homework, shuttling to and from extracurricular activities. Most days I feel like I’m barely keeping up. 

Sometimes we all just need a break—a moment to breathe, to sit down together and actually taste the meal in front of us! To really see and hear each other. Do you know what I mean?

Weeknights can be challenging, especially because my husband and I work full time. Yes, we do our best to prep meals for the week ahead. But, you know what? Sometimes we really just want to get out! And, that’s not always easy or affordable with six kids. 

Why our Family Loves Applebee’s for Dinner

  1. Even though it’s quick and convenient, I still prefer to skip the drive-thru whenever possible and gather around a table as a family. It’s nice to be able to go out and treat our whole family to a healthy dinner without breaking the bank. That’s when we head over to our neighborhood restaurant Applebee’s. This option is fun, convenient, and affordable with $1.99 Hungry Kids meals served on Tuesdays at participating Applebee’s locations in the greater Dallas Metro Area.
  2. We are a large brood to feed, and everyone has their own particular preferences, so we REALLY enjoy when we can each choose what we want, especially when someone else is in charge of the cooking and cleanup and we have time to relax, catch up with one another, and find out all the little details we miss out on when we are scrambling at home.
  3. Everyone gets their first choice—no one has to compromise! My seven-year-old son loves chicken fingers like nobody’s business. They go perfectly with mozzarella sticks and apple juice. Ask my 10-year-old daughter, and she’ll tell you how much she loves the creamy chicken fettuccine alfredo and broccoli with milk. Kids can choose from gooey cheese pizza, corn dog, chicken fettuccine alfredo, chicken tenders, chicken taco with lettuce and tomatoes, chicken quesadilla, Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, or a cheeseburger. Each entrée comes with a side (french fries, broccoli trees, Mott’s applesauce cup, garlic mashed potatoes, mozzarella sticks, or sliced strawberries) and a drink (chocolate milk, 1% milk or apple juice).
  4. They leave with full and happy stomachs—all that food for just $1.99. Yeah, you read that right. Can you believe it? My family gets dinner out. My six kids, husband, mother-in-law and I get to choose our favorite meal for dinner. We have an array of healthy and tasty options. And, we don’t have to lift a finger. And it’s under $2 per kid. Plus, Tuesday is a great night for this special treat – particularly during those weeks when Monday feels like it’s four days long!

After our meal, we inevitably all have to go separate ways—swim practice, lacrosse, a friend’s house—you know the drill. But, let me tell you…that meal together, one that someone else prepared for us with care, is a beautiful pause, precisely what we need to connect as a family and recharge our batteries. To me, skipping the drive-thru and sitting down for dinner together feels like I get some time back. And that’s priceless. 

Order Online

If sitting down together isn’t in your plan- never fear! You can order online and still take advantage of the savings. To find your favorite Applebee’s location, visit, or to order Applebee’s for To-Go, visit and use code: Kids199Tues

Applebee’s has choices for everyone and a price that we cannot beat. It’s is the perfect Tuesday night out. 

*Two Hungry Kids’ Meals per adult entrée ordered. Void where prohibited. Tax & gratuity excluded. Available for dine-in and carry-out. Valid at participating Applebee’s Texas locations: DFW, Austin (excluding Kyle), Houston, East & Central Texas. Selections may vary by location. ©2021 Applebee’s Restaurants LLC.



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