Father’s Day Gift Guide for Every Type of Dad


Need some tried and true ideas in a variety of budgets? Tired of giving the same stuff to the dads in your life? Want to buy something they’ll actually use? Say no more! Here are my tried (by my husband anyway) and true gifts that have been big hits. Here are a variety of gifts for the special dads in your life, appropriate for a variety of budgets and interests. Get shopping for those Father’s Day gifts today!

father's dayGifts for Every Type of Dad

For the man who likes to groom himself AND has, ahem, a playful sense of humor

We’ve been wearing soft pants, let our roots grow out, and maybe even gained a few pandemic pounds. And don’t get me started on dry shampoo. Men are no different – so now is a great time for this gift to amp up your man’s self-care. My husband just tried The Lawn Mower™ 4.0 along with the goodies in The Ultra Smooth Package from www.manscaped.com and he can’t stop raving about it. It’s waterproof so he can use it in the shower. The gift to you is you don’t have to see beard or body hair everywhere in your bathroom. It even has a spotlight so he can get in all the areas he needs to. And the blade helps prevent nicks and cuts. Bonus: part of the brand’s mission is spreading the message about early detection and self-screening to protect against Testicular Cancer.

For the man who needs a wardrobe refresh (summer weddings are back, y’all!)

If you haven’t heard of Mizzen and Main dress shirts, you’re welcome. They offer wrinkle-free and moisture-wicking shirts. Oh and, they are machine washable. So that means fewer trips to the dry cleaners. My husband’s man crush, JJ Watt, even endorses them. He’s been a fan of these for about six years since we discovered them at a pop-up shop in Dallas. They have tons of great patterns and styles. If your man travels, he can pull it out of a suitcase and not even have to iron it. The fabric stretches and two different fits are offered. These are so versatile!

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For the father who needs to relax

I recently snagged this Sharper Image massager as an impulse buy at Costco. I gave it to my husband for his birthday and he uses it all the time. It has six different attachments. After a day of carrying a 40-pound kid on his shoulders at the zoo, he can come home and work out the knots in his back. Oh, and it’s much quieter than those munchkins he carries around. Plus, has 4.5 hours of battery life so you can borrow it, too!

For the handyman dad

If your budget is not huge for Father’s Day, but you still want a quality gift, I promise this little magnetic wristband will be a favorite. I gave it to my husband as a stocking stuffer a couple of years ago and anytime he puts together kid’s furniture, hangs photos, or does a project around the house that requires screws and nails and that sort of thing, it makes his job so much easier. Also, it’s not a bad way to help encourage him to get those honey-dos done.

For the minimalist or experience-driven dad

What about those dads who don’t want any more stuff OR maybe you are the clutter clearer at home!? In that case, think about a personalized experience you can gift. Maybe consider a whiskey tasting from Lochwood Distilling or just book a two-hour happy hour event and send him with his fellow dad buddies. You could gift him a Top Golf gift card and an afternoon out of the house with his friends. If he likes fast cars send him to Texas Motor Speedway for some NASCAR fun. We often forget about experiences but they can often be more memorable than a gift in a box.

Happy Father’s Day giving gifts to and celebrating the dads you love! And happy shopping.



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