Nicole Tharp

Nicole is not a stranger to new places and people. She was born and raised in South Carolina, went to college (where she got her BA in music) near Chattanooga, Tennessee, spent 14 years in Colorado Springs, Colorado, followed by six years in northeast Pennsylvania, and landed in Dallas in 2023. She and her husband, Doug, have three wildly amazing, outgoing, and energetic boys. In addition to exploring new places, getting outside, hanging with friends, chauffeuring her boys to soccer and other activities, and drinking lots of coffee, Nicole enjoys singing in a local community choir, volunteering in her local church (where her husband is the pastor), and just meeting and talking to other people. Nicole is passionate about being involved in her neighborhood community and loves intergenerational relationships with the people around her. Nicole is a firm believer that heartfelt kindness and a genuine listening ear can make all the difference for someone. She believes that relationships are hard work (and sometimes require appropriate boundaries), but are always worth it.
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