5 Easy-Peasy Father’s Day Crafts!


Father’s Day is just around the corner and you know that means presents and crafts from the kiddos galore! Father’s day is such a special time to strengthen the bond between kids and their dads and any other father figure in their lives. Kids get so excited to be able to actively participate in giving their dads something. I know my kids remember everything they make for their dad because it’s just that special to them.

I am an avid crafter and so are my kids, but sometimes some of the crafts intended to be made by kids can get super out of hand and intricate. I wanted to get a head start on Father’s Day and made some of these crafts that I think are some of the easiest ones I’ve seen and are just as cute as they are doable.

Ideas for Father’s Day Crafts

The first super easy craft is an origami bowtie! I found a YouTube video from KidsPedia about how to make a super simple origami bowtie and had the girls fold it up. It is a few simple steps and is super easy to make with just a half sheet of paper. If kids can’t do it on their own an adult can simply fold it up and let the kids color it as they please, and it is still super adorable! My kids added some foam “jewels” and colored some patterns on it.

father's day crafts

The second simple craft is a card with peanut M&M’s! I bought packs of peanut M&M’s and glued the pack to a card on which I had the girls write “Happy Father’s Day! From, your little peanut.” Simply have them decorate around the packet of candy and that’s it. It doesn’t get much easier than that, y’all!
father's day crafts

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The third craft is a personalized pillowcase with a sweet message from the daddy’s girls! This requires one pillowcase per child and some fabric markers. We wanted a clean and simple look so we wrote “I love you, Baba” and it turned out so darling! We just followed the directions on our Fabric Markers box and set the color in the dryer.
father's day crafts

The fourth craft is a classic footprint card! This was so sentimental to me when I realized while doing this craft how much my girls had grown! Of course, I had an idea since I have to buy new shoes every few weeks it seems, but seeing how long their footprint is was emotional for me! We got some paint and had the girls put the footprint on a piece of white paper, they cut out some circles and made them into tires to add to the bottom of their footprint. After that, they added a steering wheel to complete the shape of a car. We wrote on the front “Driving by…to say…” and on the inside, we wrote, “I love you!” Like I said, super simple, easy-peasy!

Last but not least the 5th Father’s Day craft is a hand accordion! If you’re starting to notice a pattern of tracing hands and feet, you’re not wrong. There is something wonderful about seeing the small shapes of kids’ hands and feet because they grow up so fast! For this craft, we traced two shapes of hands and attached them with a long accordion-shaped paper to each other. We wrote “I love you….” and on the accordion (on the inside) we wrote “this much!” How sweet is that!father's day crafts

What Father’s Day Crafts do you have planned?

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Tasneem Bhuiyan is an American Muslim Bengali twin mommy. She was born in the Bronx, NY, and lived there for about 10 years until moving to Dallas and residing here for 20 years. Tasneem was a Michigander for short 2 years between all of her time in Dallas and has a special place in her heart for Michigan, but ultimately Dallas has become home and she absolutely loves it here. She has a husband who is a mechanical engineer and 2 daughters who are twins named Safiyah and Asiyah. Tasneem is currently back in school for nursing and has been working in hospitals since she was in high school. You can expect to see Tasneem either in Target spending every last dollar on crafts to do with her girls or running around town doing various activities and sightseeing with her girls. She is passionate about her faith and culture and shares all shenanigans with her twins on Instagram.


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