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Mother homeschools her son

5 Mistakes Homeschooling Families Make (and How to Avoid Them)

The Texas Homeschool Expo is an annual resource fair for current and prospective home educators.
A mother and father in their baby's nursery with a Harbor baby monitor camera

5 Features to Look for in a Baby Monitor

Harbor promotes its baby monitor, the most reliable monitoring system on the market thanks to features like remote night nannies.
A Latina mom stands behind her daughter, who has a flower in her hair.

10 Reasons Why I Love Being a Latina Mamá

As Latina mamás, we instill this resilience in our children, teaching them to persevere in the face of obstacles and to find strength within themselves.
Young. boy working on a tablet with headphones on.

6 Unexpected Benefits of Virtual Education in a Post-Pandemic World

How online school empower students and makes life simpler.
Mom on the beach with her kids sitting on top of her.

Facing the Facts :: Vacationing as a Mom Is Not a Vacation

I love to travel and love making new memories with the children. But, sometimes I wish I would've stayed home.
Sad woman looks out the window on a rainy day.

What to Do If You Suspect Your Mom Friend Is in an Abusive Relationship...

Remember that it takes most victims several tries to leave an abusive relationship.
A child runs outside playing with other kids.

Reap the Benefits of the Great Outdoors at Cooper

Whether your kiddos are playing in the backyard or running around a park, they are sure to enjoy the fresh air. Want even more fun and engaging activities for your child?
four students of Our Redeemer Lutheran School smiling while seated on a butterfly-shaped bench

Top 8 Things to Expect from a Christian School

Disclaimer :: This article contains sponsored content provided by Our Redeemer Lutheran School. When considering private school in Dallas, you'll notice that many of the local private schools have a religious affiliation. So, what does...
Cooper Aerobics Tennis Lessons for kids

Which Sport Should Your Child Play? Here’s Why We Love Tennis

Disclaimer: This article is written and sponsored by Cooper Aerobics to highlight its youth tennis programs. Visit to register for Fit & Fun Day Camps in Dallas this winter break (December 19 –...
excited campers at Camp Olympia

Why Summer Camp Is More Important Than Ever :: Camp Olympia

This post has been sponsored by Camp Olympia. Camp is a longtime summer tradition for generations of families, but now more than ever children and young adults need summer camp. Two years of a global...

Struggling to Balance Work & Kids…Until I Found Someone Else to Drive!

This post has been sponsored by Kidcaboo. 2021 was going to be my year, professionally. With the kids back in school, I was finally ready to re-enter the workforce. The truth is, I’ve loved being...
man and woman in bed

I Took A Sex MasterClass :: Here Are the 4 Things I Learned

It was Sunday night. My husband and I had just finished putting the girls to bed and retreated to our bedroom. I started my wind-down routine while my husband queued up our latest tv...