Facing the Facts :: Vacationing as a Mom Is Not a Vacation


Mom on the beach with her kids sitting on top of her.Although Texas is my home, it isn’t really “home.” Before Texas, I lived where people would go to vacation: the US Virgin Islands (USVI). Since my family still lives there, I now vacation in the USVI. But sometimes vacationing as a mom doesn’t feel like a true vacation.

Not Really a Vacation

Traveling is a big part of my life, and I go to the USVI at least once yearly for about a month. Instead of traveling solo, I am now a mom of three.

I remember pre-kids how I would pack my bag and head to the airport with one thing on my mind: Relaxing with my toes in the sand, picking mangos of the tree, and sipping on a virgin pina colada.

Then the babies came.

At one point I had two under two, and let me tell you — that was no walk in the park.

Traveling on my own with them should be an Olympic sport. I’ve even done the overseas stretch on a plane several times. You would think after doing this several times I would just stay home.

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I’ve done the overseas vacation too. A new order of chaos is there. Don’t get me wrong, we definitely make memories and there’s lots of fun but at the end of our “vacation” I need another vacation on my own. Just because we are vacationing, I can’t stop being a mom.

Suitcases in the trunk of a car.Serious Reflection

Many people say I’m so lucky having lived my whole life in the USVI and still being able to visit and stay with my family. I know I’m fortunate and blessed, but it doesn’t stop the mixed feelings.

You see the beach; I now see the chaos and a vacation gone awry. Did I forget the sunscreen? Did I forget to pack the swimsuits? What about their favorites snacks? Would I be able to sleep in? Nope, kids are up at the crack of dawn. They want breakfast. Guess who makes it? And although it’s a vacation, they’re already “bored.”

It’s packing the bags, preparing entertainment for the plane, getting snacks and medicine (because I have to be prepared, especially with little ones), planning the trip, making sure I stay within budget, making reservations, PLUS finishing laundry at home, cleaning out the fridge, and getting the house in order so we come home to a tidy house.

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I love to travel and love making new memories with the children. But, sometimes I wish I would’ve stayed home. Sometimes all the complaining doesn’t make it worthwhile. Yet, I’m stubborn.

Recently I traveled with my one year old, and I completely forgot how hard it was until I was on my way. I kept telling myself it’ll be fun. Yes, there was fun, but there was more work, too.

I’m here pouring out my heart about how hard it is to vacation as a mom, meanwhile I’m planning my next trip with the children. Can you relate to these conflicting feelings? How do you cope?


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