5 Features to Look for in a Baby Monitor


Disclaimer :: This article contains sponsored content provided by Harbor to promote its baby monitoring system. 

A mother and father in their baby's nursery with a Harbor baby monitor cameraRaising a child is an incredible experience. It’s also challenging and comes with a lot of uncertainty. Sleep, in particular, can be frustrating. As a parent, you need to navigate your own sleep deprivation while teaching your little one to fall asleep (and stay asleep!) independently.

Parenting throws a lot of curveballs your way. A reliable baby monitor that supports your needs (rather than developing a routine around your monitor’s limitations) can instill greater confidence along the journey.

But what does a reliable baby monitor that supports your needs even mean? Read on for the five most important features any baby monitor should have:

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1. Reliability

One of the biggest flaws in WiFi-powered baby monitors today is that you don’t know if your app has crashed until it’s too late. If you take a call or do anything else on your device, there’s no guarantee that the app will still stream audio of your child.

As a new parent, you have enough to worry about. Wondering whether your baby monitor is working shouldn’t be one of them.

Harbor is a new company democratizing access to sleep expertise and championing a supportive, fear and anxiety-free approach to sleep training. Harbor believes better sleep is the key to happier parents and healthier families, and are making this dream a reality by creating the most reliable baby monitor on the market. Harbor ensures constant connectivity through its dedicated 10-inch monitor, even if your Wi-Fi or internet go out, so you never lose sight of your little one.

A mother and father look at their baby in his crib with a Harbor baby monitor camera2. Failsafe Notifications

Wi-Fi-powered baby monitors don’t always alert you if there’s a loss of connectivity or if the camera’s battery is low.

Harbor’s dedicated monitor ensures constant connectivity, even if your internet goes out. It works with or without Wi-Fi and securely connects to the cloud for remote access, if and when you want it. If there’s any loss of connection or if your battery is low, you’ll be alerted immediately.

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3. Remote Access

It’s normal for parents to want to check in on how their little one is doing while away from the home or in the care of a babysitter.

Because Harbor’s camera connects to your home Wi-Fi, you can access the video feed through your app anywhere in the world. Better yet, Harbor has built robust, privacy-first guest and caregiver access tools. You can grant access to your video feed for a few hours at a time or set weekly schedules and day passes. (For context, other monitors require you to share your login info or manually add and remove caregivers.)

Harbor Baby Monitor works across devices including camera, tablet, and mobile phone.

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4. Travel Ready

Existing Wi-Fi-powered monitors can’t be used in hotels or on shared networks where gateways block you from adding devices like cameras to their network. But who wants to rig a new system every time they travel? No one.

That’s why Harbor has been designed to work in exactly the same way whether you’re at home, a hotel, or a location without Wi-Fi altogether. Because you don’t need to connect to a Wi-Fi network for it to work, it works anywhere you’re traveling.

5. Privacy and Security 

Existing Wi-Fi-enabled cameras leverage third-party cloud services, meaning you have no idea how or where your data is stored.

Unlike other cameras, Harbor doesn’t store A baby monitor camera sits on the dresser facing baby napping in his crib.your images or audio in the cloud. Instead, your data is stored on your own camera. If you do choose to access your video feed via  the cloud, it’s protected via end-to-end encryption.

Parents are pummeled with advice and recommendations, much of which borders on fear-based marketing. The reality is that you don’t need another perspective — you just need to find what works. That typically requires a delicate balance of structure and flexibility, and it often takes some trial and error. Harbor was built on a foundation of security and reliability to restore sleep and sanity, and has been designed to support you and your family’s routines, no matter how they evolve. The result? Happier parents, healthier families, one restful night at a time.

Harbor. Rest. Easy.Harbor offers a revolutionary camera and monitor system unlike anything that exists today. The camera and monitor connect directly to each other, even without the internet. Each device also connects to the cloud with end-to-end encryption, so you can safely access the monitor’s feed outside of your home, if needed. It’s smart and safe, and it has allowed Harbor to create features that empower parents like smart audio, parent-specific alerts, and eyes-on monitoring via remote night nannies.

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