A Graduation Celebration to Remember


It’s Graduation Party time, and if you’re active on social media your feed is filled with heartwarming cap and gown photos of beaming grads and parents. 

My own children are just a few years away from this milestone. In the spirit of being prepared, I asked other moms who have been down this path already. They gave great advice and tips I know I’ll be using and am eager to share with you!

Host a graduation party that is Instagram-worthy, enjoyable, and memorable for your grad, family, and friends

I’m super old-fashioned when it comes to entertaining,” says Jody a mom of a 2019 grad. She sets the tone for the event with invitations that are mailed instead of emailed. At the party, her grad greets everyone personally at the door.


A photo book is positioned nearby and guests are encouraged to write something next to their photo so her grad has a lovely keepsake. Her décor beams team spirit, combining her grad’s high school and college colors.

My friend Alisa has hosted three graduation parties. She sends save-the-date cards nine months prior to the event and then actual invitations, four months prior. “It’s a busy season and we realize people receive multiple invitations. I like to let everyone know the date we’ve selected enough in advance, particularly those who may be traveling from out of state.” Alisa’s property has ample room and she invites guests to set up tents or park campers and enjoy festivities into the next day. 

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graduationThe consensus among moms is an idea sure to delight and engage guests: post photos of the grad at different ages throughout the venue. One mom hangs these pictures from balloon strings; another created a photo board of all the school photos each year. 

Ask guests to write words of wisdom or encouragement for them to feel involved, and create a special memento for your grad to take to college or to read before heading off to that first job.


Tips for Grad Party Refreshments and Décor

  • Megan from Three Cheese Charcuterie offers creative and customized delicacies perfect for grad parties with accommodations for gluten-free guests. 
  • Bake mini-cakes in spoon them into mason jars!
  • Build your own hot dog or taco bars.
  • For Instagram-worthy photos that also delight guests, consider balloon arches and photo walls for fun group photos. Add a few silly props and watch the hilarity unfold!  

graduationWhen all is said and done, attention to décor and food are important, but after 2020, we have a newfound appreciation for the simple joy of spending time with family and friends. The most important thing is to be together, celebrating life’s precious moments and milestones with one another again. 

Congratulations to 2021 grads and families!


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