Super Easy Halloween Crafts You Can Make with Young Kids!


If your kids are like mine, they LOVE Halloween and doing fun activities to celebrate! The five Halloween crafts listed below are great for toddlers and preschool age children but can be tailored to older kids as well.

These activities and crafts will be a fun, sensory exploring, and affordable ways to connect with your kids for some quality time.

Many of the materials are either in your home already or at a dollar store for a small price. The main supplies needed are paper, washable paint, glue, and stickers/glitter (optional).

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Paper Plate Pumpkin

As a busy mom, who does not have paper plates on hand? Have your child use his or her hands or a paint brush to paint the plate orange with washable orange paint.

Next, use black construction paper to make the eyes, mouth, and stem. You can cut these items ahead of time or do it with your child.

Lastly, you can add green pipe cleaners for the leaves, if you have some in your craft bin. This activity will help your kiddo with fine motor skills, labeling colors and shapes, and to explore different textures.

Another variation to this activity is to have the pumpkin show various emotions. Make a pumpkin plate that has a happy, sad, scared, shocked, or angry to help your child label emotions and discuss feelings.

Lollipop Ghosts

These cute lollipop ghosts can be made with simple items you have in your home: coffee filters and tissues. You can buy lollipops at the store or in bulk. I’ve used tissues and coffee filters to cover the lollipops — use what’s on hand!

Lollipop ghosts in a bucket of candy. Next, use a black marker to make a spooky face and ribbon to secure the tissue or filter to the lollipop. This fun craft can be an activity you do with your child to pass out on trick-or-treat night or as simple treats for family and friends.

Paper Hand Monsters

These spooky monsters are so easy to make and you can decorate your fridge or wall with these keepsakes. Your kids will love to practice cutting and gluing googly eyes on the cut outs. Trace your hand and your child’s and help them cut the hands with safety scissors. Have your kid draw the other features of the face on the hand like the mouth and nose. A fun variation to this activity is to fold the paper in half before you trace the hand to create a cute Halloween card for loved ones and friends. Add stickers or glitter to make it have an extra pop!

Trick-or-Treat Feet

This memorable craft can be a Halloween tradition you do for the first five years of your child’s life. Take washable orange or black paint and make a footprint on paper. When it dries, write “Trick or Treat Smell My Feet” around your child’s feet. Lastly, add a ghost face to the feet or keep it simple with a smiley face. You can make several of these Halloween keepsakes at the same time and give to loved ones to celebrate baby’s first Halloween! My tip is not to put too much paint on the feet to get a good print on the paper. Also, have multiple pieces of paper and baby wipes nearby. Do not forget to add the year on the paper!

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Handprint Spiders

This spider handprint craft can be a fun way to celebrate the holiday and makes an adorable keepsake. Paint your child’s hand black with washable paint and carefully place their hand on orange paper.

Do the same process with the other hand. However, try to not paint the thumb or else it will be a 10-legged spider! However, even if that happens (see my photo!) it will still come out cute.

Fingerprint spiders on orange paper for Halloween craft.

If you do not like how your spider came out, try again! What kid doesn’t like getting his or her hands in paint to do another fun craft?

Did you try any of these crafts and if you did, how did yours come out?

Spending quality time with our kids is so important but with limited time and funds, we have to get creative and efficient. These easy crafts can be a fun morning or afternoon of memories for you and your family. All this takes is simple materials, a little bit of time, and your precious little one!

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