How I Found Friendships in Running {Guest Writer}


Last year, some of my girlfriends mentioned they were going to start running. They asked if I wanted to join them. I told them no– not unless I was being chased. I played sports growing up so I’ve never been a stranger to working out. I love the feeling you get after. The burn, the soreness, the feeling of a job well done.  Team sports? Sign me up. But running? No thanks. But I just couldn’t wrap my brain around the idea of running around without scoring points or beating someone else.

September 2013, I was finally talked into it!

Cheri Grimes Running 1

Our first race was the Color Run 5k in Dallas. I loved it! All the people there, cheering you on; everyone excited. It was great. Plus, I’m a very competitive person so getting the medal at the end didn’t hurt. I had won! Of course I didn’t beat many people that first race, but I had beat the inner voice in my head screaming, “What are you doing?”

After that, we vowed to do one 5k a month for a year. It sounded daunting at first, but once we started running on a regular basis, it got easier. We would often meet to run,at our houses, at parks– all over. Not only did we get to work on our running pace, but we got to chat too. It became a time for us to vent, laugh and talk about our packed-full lives. It became a time for us. Mommies. Friends. We have forged many new friendships and met some great women in the process.

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In November 2013, my husband and I did a turkey trot in San Antonio. . . 4 miles. It was a more serious trail race and I loved it. It is still one of my best-timed races. I knew then I was seriously hooked and I think I hooked my husband too!

In February 2014, we all ran our first long race, Cowtown in Ft. Worth. Our first 10k. I really felt like I could call myself a runner then. We all stayed in a hotel in Ft. Worth and had a great time. It was great to get away, spend time with our friends and then kick butt in an awesome race with a great course.

I knew then I wanted to try and do a half marathon. I couldn’t believe it. The person who wanted nothing to do with this running business, now wanted to run 13.1 miles. On purpose. Thankfully the girls were all on board too. So we signed up to run the Plano Balloon Half in September. It gave us plenty of time to train.

Before that race, we all decided to run in the Too Hot to Handle in July in the sun. It was gorgeous that day running around White Rock Lake with my girls. But yes, it was very, very hot. That was when I had my first experience with dehydration. Chills in 100 degree heat?? No thanks! I realized I hadn’t had enough water leading up to the race. I wouldn’t let that happen again.

So fast-forward to our half in September. That Friday night, we went to a friend’s birthday party, and I got sick during. Think it was something I ate. I definitely wasn’t expecting that!! I felt like all the training and water I had that week went to waste.  Saturday I tried to rehydrate all day but I was very nervous. Sunday morning, I did everything like I had planned. It went very smooth. Got to the race and met up with some other ladies we had become friends with. It was awesome to finally see them in person and share this day with them. The race finally started and I didn’t die. It was actually not too bad. I felt extremely accomplished that day and knew that I had reached a tough goal. I had raced the voices in my head and beaten them again.

Our next big feat will be the Susan G Komen 3 day walk in November 2015. Walking 60 miles in 3 days. We are still running a 5k each month together and just ran the Santa Run last week. It is a great way to stay in shape and spend time with these lovely ladies #blistersisters who wouldn’t let me just sit on the couch and watch them run on by. I’m very thankful they talked me into that first race in 2013 and it didn’t hurt that I lost 30 pounds in the process.

Are you looking to get into running in 2015? What DFW races inspire you? 

Cheri Grimes BioCheri Grimes is a wife, mother, teacher, runner, coach, Pinterest fanatic and writer who lives in Garland. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, living life to the fullest every chance she gets. {Photo Credit: Kelly Kennedy Photographer}




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