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A year ago, I was pregnant and dreaming of a weekend getaway in the future- one that was romantic, fun, and kid-free. We decided that March 2014 would be our special weekend trip to our favorite city: New Orleans.

Well, fast forward, and our trip was around the corner.  Our 2.5 year old walked in the room and exclaimed, “I wanna go to New Orleans, fly on an airplane and eat beignets.” My husband’s heart exploded, and our romantic getaway morphed into a toddler trip.

Although we’d been to the Big Easy more times than we can count, we weren’t exactly sure how we’d fill our days with our little guy.  That’s when a light bulb went off and I realized I had an amazing children’s resource right at my finger tipsNew Orleans Moms Blog!

I Facebook messaged the New Orleans Moms Blog asking for info on fun things to do in the area and within a few hours I had all the info I needed!

Check out this awesome blog post they sent me: Tips for Visiting New Orleans with Kids! BINGO!

We ended up planning our entire trip around this information from the New Orleans Moms Blog and had a great time!

photo (14)
Cafe Du Monde – His Beignet dream came true!
photo (19)
The Audubon Zoo
photo (17)
Falling asleep walking around The French Quarter

This got me wondering, where are other Moms Blogs located?

Austin. San Antonio. Kansas City. Atlanta. Orlando. Sacramento. Twin Cities. Tampa Bay. Even Reno & Las Vegas! The list goes on! With a few clicks, I could find fun family activities all over the country!

So, the next time you’re planning a vacation out of town with your family, instead of searching through reviews on TripAdvisor or Yelp, try visiting City Moms Blog Network  and see where the sister sites are located!

Find out from the experts (Moms!) what all there is to do in their home cities! 



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