Choose Medical City Dallas Women’s Hospital for your Delivery

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Becoming a parent is such an exciting and beautiful occasion.  One that also comes with a lot of emotions.  Even during the most average circumstances, parents have concerns and fears that accompany welcoming a new baby.  New parents and veteran parents alike never imagined having to add “giving birth during a pandemic” to their concerns.  However, here we are in the midst of one, and that is the reality for many parents to be.  Choosing the right hospital for this momentous time is more important now than it has ever been.

Medical City Women's HospitalMedical City Dallas Women’s Hospital is the superior choice for delivery during COVID-19, and always.  From preparing for your birth to the delivery itself, the hospital is taking extra precautions to keep you and your new bundle of joy safe and healthy each step of the way.

Here’s why you should choose Medical City Dallas Women’s Hospital for your delivery:

  1. The hospital offers classes online to ensure patient’s safety without taking away from a crucial step in preparing to welcome your baby. Before childbirth be sure to schedule a virtual hospital tour and birthing class.
  2. Each parent deserves the same amenities when planning to bring your baby home. Medical City Dallas Women’s hospital has found a way to give each parent a personalized and quality experience pandemic aside.  The hospital has a diverse collection of online resources and personal narratives of families. Many of these families have delivered during these unlikely times and will help answer all your questions.
  3. Medical City Dallas Women’s Hospital is also the only hospital in the North Texas area that has a full-service children’s hospital as well as a hospital for adults on site.  This benefits the safety of both mother and baby during the time of delivery and helps put parents’ minds at ease.
  4. The staff at Medical City Dallas Women’s Hospital is also taking numerous safety measures to stop the spread of the Coronavirus.  These measures keep patients and staff equally protected. A universal mask protocol has been put in place and
    everyone is screened before entering. For added peace of mind, COVID-19 testing is available at their CareNow urgent care clinics, if expectant mothers and their partner prefer to be tested prior to delivery. Additionally, the hospital offers on-site COVID-19 testing for moms at the time of admission for those preferring this option.

At Medical City Dallas Women’s Hospital patients can expect top-notch care. From their award-winning nursing staff to their Level IV NICU, you will receive the highest level of care available at any local hospital.  The hospital promises round the clock access to gynecologists and obstetricians. They also provide a large range of guidance from board-certified perinatologists, and other medical experts specializing in fetal medicine, congenital heart and craniofacial. The staff is well equipped to meet all your needs and ensure patients a unique and personalized experience.

Why choose between excellence and elegance when you can have both?  Medical City Dallas Women’s Hospital is the ideal choice for a superior experience keeping your needs and the needs of your baby first and foremost during these unusual times.



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