Best Hospitals in Dallas To Have a Baby


It can be overwhelming when trying to decide which Hospital or Birthing Center in Dallas to choose to deliver your baby. It’s always nice to have a little background on the facility, and it’s even better to know what other moms who have delivered there are saying. Here, you will find what REAL MOMS said about these hospitals when we asked on our Facebook Page. We also have some great reviews on the best Dallas Birthing Centers, thanks to our loyal readers.

Medical City Dallas

What They Say:

“Medical City was the first hospital in North Texas to be designated as a Magnet hospital by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) for excellence in nursing care.”

“In addition to an unsurpassed level of care, Medical City offers a state-of-the-art labor and delivery unit and newborn nursery, as well as a Level III neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), a pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) and a congenital heart surgery unit. “

“We are the only facility in the area that has neonatologists and pediatric anesthesiologists on-site 24 hours/7 days a week, so you are taken care of no matter what hour of the day you need us. In fact, Medical City is the only hospital in North Texas where a mother facing a high-risk pregnancy can deliver her baby in the same facility that can treat and attend to any special needs of both mom and baby. This avoids any added anxiety of separation and allows care to be immediately administered upon delivery.”

What Moms Say:

I delivered 10 months ago at Medical City and I loved my experience there. Our L & D nurse was great. I like that she didn’t linger in the room to chit-chat with us, but answered any questions we had and was quickly out of the room (until the next time I buzzed her!) Our little girl was well taken care of in the nursery, the lactation consultants were very helpful and encouraging and our visitors were always welcomed. We were there on Thanksgiving Day, so things were pretty quiet but we liked it that way. I would recommend it to anyone.” -Casey G.

“[I delivered there] twice and [had a] good experience both times. They added the celebratory dinner between kid one and two. I skipped it, though. It is, after all, still hospital food. But the care was great and the rooms are nice.” -Anne V.

My favorite part of delivering at Medical City was by far the nurses. They were all so kind and helpful, and they all genuinely seemed like they cared. I was also pleasantly surprised with the food. Thought it was great. The only parts I didn’t like was the long wait for my baby to be checked in the nursery after delivery, and the out-dated rooms, though I hear they are updating soon.” -Lauren K.

 UT Southwestern Medical Center

What They Say:

“[UT Southwestern] hospital was the first in Dallas to provide family-oriented birthing suites with home-like settings.  Care is individualized and sensitive to the needs of families.”

“In addition to birthing suites, this wing [5-North] has rooms to care for women who require hospitalization prior to delivery; rooms for mothers and their babies to be together after delivery; and an admission and well-baby nursery area. If a baby needs special treatment following birth, a Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Nursery – staffed by doctors and nurse practitioners with specialized training in pediatric neonatology – is available on site.”

“Following delivery, mothers are encouraged to keep their babies with them, and staff are available to assist with baby feedings.  If a mother needs to rest, a 24-hour nursery is also available.”

What Moms Say:

“I have had two WONDERFUL births there by a GREAT Dr, she & her team of nurses took care of every need & made sure I was very well informed at all times. I have NEVER had an issue there & will never go anywhere else for giving birth, including #3 that we start trying for in the spring. Trust me, you are in very good hands at UT“- Dallas mom

“The doctor that delivered my baby had an office at St. Paul but my baby was so sick that I delivered at Parkland. My friend had 2 children there and she LOVED it! She was very impressed. Anything affiliated with UT Southwestern is wonderful!” -Angela M.


What They Say:

“Our obstetrical services feature highly trained staff, advanced technology, and innovative resources for you and your baby.”

” If possible, your baby can remain with you during your recovery period. Your nurse will check in on you and your baby. You may begin breast-feeding during this time, with your nurse’s help if necessary, and you can find the supplies and support you need in our breast-feeding boutiques. At Baylor, we support you and your child during this special time. ”

What Moms Say:

“Love it. Great hospital, nice rooms, awesome nurses and lactation consultants” – Kali B.

“It is fabulous!! Everything about it is awesome. I was able to have a natural delivery and the nurses were awesome. I also loved my doula!!!” -Leah R.

“Loved Baylor Dallas! Great doctors, my nurses were incredibly supportive and helpful, the food was great. Plus they have a great NICU if I had needed it.” -Lauren N.

“I also did Baylor Dallas because I wanted to have an unmedicated birth and heard it was one of the best hospitals in DFW for that. I had a great experience there and will definitely go there again if I do another hospital birth.” -Karissa P.

“At BUMC, no celebratory dinner, no meals for hubby, and the nurse anesthetist gave me a drug without my consent and when I asked my nurse about it she didn’t do anything.. No apology ever.. I couldn’t understand my discharge nurse English was not her first language.. also the sound for the music and the tv were messed up in both my labor room and my postpartum room.. Did not make for a comfortable stay.. My first labor nurse while friendly did a horrid IV that hurt the whole time I was there.. She put it right where my wrist flexes not top of hand.. Not impressed with BUMC but my OB is fabulous and if that’s where she delivers that’s where I’ll be. I should probably say a positive about them though.. Breastfeeding friendly, and supportive of natural methods (positioning, etc..) they let me clean off my baby and feed him immediately after we delivered.” – Nadine D.

*All things we’ve heard about the Baylor branches around Dallas (Baylor Frisco, Baylor Carrollton, Baylor Garland, and Baylor Frisco) sounds like they are all fabulous! We’ve only heard great reviews!*

Texas Presbyterian

What They Say:

“The first facility in North Texas dedicated exclusively to caring for women and their babies, the Margot Perot Center at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas has more than 100 OB/GYNs and more than 100 pediatricians on the medical staff.”

“In keeping with our reputation as a leader in maternity care, we have upgraded our post partum rooms to offer a more hotel-like environment. You have a choice of three post partum room types: standard, suite, and deluxe suite.”

What Moms Say:

” Loved the labor and delivery floor and rooms (although I had surgery)…They just remodeled the rooms upstairs and they are nice (not as nice as Baylor) – but nice – all private now and modern with a funky futon for dad to sleep on. Food sucks. That’s putting it nicely. Not to mention the fact that they gave me a full plate of beans and broccoli (ok there was a little chicken on there too) – the day after surgery (if you’ve never had surgery gas-provoking foods are NOT what you want). Nursing staff — some were stellar and some were awful!!” -Heather C.

“Loved it! Fantastic doctor, very supportive nursing staff, comfortable rooms. Encouraged breastfeeding and had a lot of options for positioning during labor. ” -Jilly M.





  1. Delivered in Baylor Frisco in May 2011. Think it is the best place to deliver. They handled an emergency situation very excellently. Loved the place, its ambiance and ease, all the nurses, both mine n the baby’s, the lactation consultants and food. Their celebration lunch/dinner is just over the top.  Support from the lactation consultants was excellent even after a couple of months through postpartum. Their free classes are very informative n they provide good snacks during classes, which is very thoughtful.  Have recommended the place to a couple of friends n all of them had a wonderful experience. 
    Overall, I believe that it is THE place to have a baby.

    • Hi Jennifer, you might try posting this question on our Facebook wall. That would be much more likely to be seen by readers and get some feedback.

      Although I live right down the street from Doctors Hospital, I don’t know much about it. I think one of my friends who delivered there said she had shared rooms during recovery…I’m not sure though.

  2. Back in 2011&2012 I had at Baylor of Dallas and it was great my first baby was born early so they had the NICU already there right on time to check out my baby she end up in the NICU which is awesome by the way my baby also had surgery their more than once and all the times it when great they break it down for you even draw pictures as they have to about your baby surgery before and after . Second baby delivery was great to was able to have a lot of family members in LD which was nice my baby cousins got to see me have birth bottom line the care was good and so was the food.

  3. does any one know anything about baylor scott and white in waxahachie? I had my first to at preby of dallas but way to far to drive now!

  4. This is going to be a very difficult story to read. If you experienced birth trauma or are currently pregnant, I apologize and I didnt want to have to do this. I’ve fought for the past year the hospital did the right thing. I offered to decline their settlement offer in lieu of them terminating employment of all the attending in the OR that allowed this to happen, but they decided they’d rather be complicit in allowing this to happen with no consequences to those involved..

    I went in to be induced at UTSW Clements under Dr Holcomb’s care. The next day I was told my baby was repeatedly getting distressed from pitocin they told me it was 3 strike policy so they broke my water and turned off pitocin came back an hour later and said, “you need a c section due to failed induction but we called in your doctor so she’ll be here within the next hour. Before they took me to the OR i asked they please check because I felt like I was dilating. My nurse checked my cervix, I had gone from 3cm to 6cm but she declared to me that was not enough.. and they’d make me go through with a c section.

    I arrived to the OR.. they numbed me for c section and my doctor, Dr Holcomb went to take the monitors out by my cervix and realized I was 10cm so she asked if I wanted to try and push i was like of course if i don’t need a c section, i don’t want one.

    So I began to push.. but I was numb for c section. I ended up having a bowel movement because I was numb she wiped me off and then She turned on pitocin which she told me was safe and could help with feeling my contraction. I was confused, but agreed based on the information I was given by my physician. Keep in mind they had just told me I needed a c section because it was hospital policy that pitocen not be turned on more than 3x.. my baby became distressed again which I know now could have caused her to have life long complications by turning it on a 4th time. They moved me to back to operating table i never left the OR, therefore the OR was never cleaned properly before beginning a surgery and my doctor never resterilized herself.

    They start prepping for the c section. I told all the attendings in the OR several times I was not numb “i can feel your hands” and she had the anesthesiologist check my epidural and he just said it looks like it’s properly in place. I again voiced that I could feel her hands and it was not pressure, but I felt her hands and the coldness. They ignored me and cut me without confirming I was properly numb. I immediately started screaming bc I WAS NOT numb and they’re cutting my baby out of my body. I screamed, plead for help until my daughter was removed from my body. My husband was told several times they couldn’t put me to sleep because my baby could need a ventilator, which according to a world renowned anesthesiologist is absolutely not the case. I had obviously been successful while pushing my baby out vaginal canal because Dr Holcomb needed to use a vaginal hand as my babies head was no longer in my abdomen for her to retrieve my daughter. I was finally put to sleep after my daughter was removed from my body, only to wake up with the cord blood at my bedside table. My doctor had verbally confirmed to my husband they would contact the courier, but they didn’t bother. I woke the next morning and was told to clean myself. I was covered in fecal matter, no one had bothered to clean me. My pain was managed so poorly my sister who was an administrator at the hospital at the time had to get the COO involved to make sure I was properly cared for the remainder of my stay.

    I came back a week later with a rare bacterial infection never recorded in a c section that nearly killed me. During my second hospital stay, I had to have another surgery which left a hole you could fit a small football in my abdomen there was so much infected tissue. Subsequently my only option for closure was a wound vac which I had for 3 months and home health appointments in our house 3x a week..

    I have spent the last year asking the hospital to hold their physicians; Dr Holcomb, Dr Forbes and Dr Rafique accountable who allowed me to be violently tortured that day and almost cost me my life and my daughters life. I would never trust these people with my life or my child’s life ever again.

    Please beware!


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