Baby Wearing – How and Why You’ll Love it


Baby WearingMost new moms will agree that there is nothing quite as sweet as your baby sleeping on your chest — breathing in sync with one another, smelling their sweet baby smell, watching their eyelids flutter.  If it were up to us — dinner and dishes could wait forever while we cuddled our babies.

Unfortunately husbands and older siblings usually feel quite differently when it comes to food.  And sadly, laundry and dishes can only wait for so long before your house start to smell and you’re turning your underwear inside out.  If only there were 2 of me!  Or if I had 4 hands!!  A maid would be pretty nice, right?

Since I’m more likely to be cloned then ever get a maid,  I will have to come up with another (much simpler) solution.  Which is why I LOVE Baby Wearing.  A silly name maybe, but one of the best ways to feel like a Super Mom!

Laundry – check.  Grocery shopping – check.  Dinner – check.  Playing trains with the toddler – check.  Going to the movies with a new born – check (and score)!  All done with a sleeping baby on my chest and my hands free!

Have you ever tried to grocery shop with a toddler in the front of the shopping cart and the car seat in the back of the cart?  Where do you put the food??  But put the baby in your Maya Wrap and the toddler in the cart and you are all set!

Walking around the Trains at Northpark with a double stroller during Christmas – impossible.  Taking the umbrella stroller and letting your husband wear the sleeping baby – easy peasy!

Besides allowing you to multi-task and not bothering with cumbersome strollers and car seats – there are so many other benefits to safely wearing your baby!

  • Newborns are used to walking and moving with you – it’s the perfect transition from womb to the real world.
  • You can easily check to make sure your baby is breathing – as any new mom will tell you must be done no less than 1 million times a day.
  • You can respond to every cry so much quicker.  Which studies have repeatedly shown does the opposite of spoil a baby – it helps build their sense of trust and security.
  • Helps both mom and dad bond with their baby naturally and quickly.

Professional baby-wearers (not a real term) can even breastfeed while wearing.  I like to call that — Baby Wearing – Level Boss.  A skill I haven’t quite mastered — but will keep trying to.

And if all that doesn’t convince you – maybe some pictures of our Dallas Moms Blog contributors with their babies and favorite wraps will.  Some of the wraps are so beautiful, others more practical and convenient.  But all of them being used to make one mom’s life so much easier and one sweet baby very happy!

2014-02-02 11.44.41

Karla loves her Hotslings Adjustable Pouch Baby Sling because it comes in so many different colors and folds up nice and compactly to fit in the diaper bag!   She also loves her TaylorMade Mesh Water Sling water mesh sling for wearing her baby in the pool during summer!  In TX – you know that will come in handy!


Cassidy made her own gorgeous Moby Wrap with $5 worth of fabric.  You can buy yours here (Moby Wrap) if you’re not the DIY type.  Or learn how to make one here if you are!


Katy also made her own gorgeous Baby K’tan!  And I can’t decide if I love hers or Cassidy’s more!


1502886_10104394571734894_761646095_oLaura and her husband both love theirERGObaby!  (And tell me that sleeping Daddy/Baby picture doesn’t just melt your heart!)


My hubby, Tony, has always loved the Baby Bjorn for walking around downtown!

And both of us love showing off how hands free our Maya Wrap is!



How about you?  Do you have a favorite wrap we missed??

We’d love to see pictures of you wearing your little ones on our Facebook page! Simply tag us so we can see!

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  1. I LOVE babywearing posts! I almost never feel the need to have another baby until I think of those warm tiny baby snuggles in the Moby. ::sigh:: We also loved the Ergo. My husband loved it too and was skilled at getting the baby to take a LONG nap on his chest with it. I think she liked his broad shoulders. 🙂 You’re rocking that Maya wrap Amanda!

  2. I love our Ergo, but my favorite is definitely the sling! My favorite slings are Balboa and Lucky-Baby! Lucky-Baby is not adjustable, but it fits great, on me. I chose a size smaller to make the baby extra snug to me.


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