6 Toddler Favorites On Disney+


I must admit. I set the date for when Disney+ was releasing on my calendar. After Netflix slowly started to get rid of the Disney shows, I realized just how much we all missed them. Moms know that the show that captures your child’s undivided attention, specifically toddlers, is a valuable asset and a MUCH needed part of remaining sane. Our show just happened to be Mickey Mouse T’was The Night with Minnie and Daisy ice-skating at the very beginning. Needless to say, when Disney+ was released we were one of the first to sign-up and the excitement in my daughter’s eyes, was so very worth it. We are avid Disney fans.

Recommendations on Disney+ for toddlers:

Many of these were previously on the Disney App under Disney Junior, but since we rely on that app almost daily, we noticed over the past year they began reducing the amount of episodes of each of our favorites. Now you can only find one or two full episodes and what they call “shorts”. We now see why they did that because all of the episodes are now on the Disney+ streaming service.

Check out the Disney Junior Series from the home screen on Disney+. With two toddlers, these are the shows that they really love:

  1. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mixed with education, music, dancing and fun this is one is one of my toddlers’ favorite show. The best part is when they think Mickey is talking to them. I love it when they look at me like, “mommy, he’s talking to me!”
  2. Puppy Dog Pals: This has been a family favorite since my daughter was born. The great theme song makes us all jump up and dance. She then fell in love with Bingo & Rolly and the rest in history. Once our Josiah came along, he fell right into place adoring this show as well.
  3. Little Einsteins: This is another one with a catchy song because toddlers learn best through song! What I love about Disney+ and Disney Junior is the educational shows like Little Einsteins that mixes so many things together to create a fun, educational experience for the children. I found the older my daughter got, the more she loved this one.
  4. Muppet Babies: This one is nostalgic for my husband and I as well as a favorite among our toddlers. It really takes us back to the times when we were kids. Where has the time gone?
  5. Doc McStuffins: This show is about a girl doctor that runs a toy hospital. Its a fun show that I see encouraging imaginative play. Not only that, if your child gravitates to this show, they have a ton of birthday party decor to make your childs day!

All in all, I am enjoying see the start of Disney+ and I can’t wait to see what else they add to the platform. I am already eagerly waiting for more Christmas and toddlers shows. Also, in case you are wondering you can stream from almost all devices via the app.

What are your family or toddler’s favorite shows on Disney+?

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