Thankful at Thanksgiving


Sometimes, it is hard to get kids to understand being thankful. With the overwhelming flood of toys, gifts, candy, etc. that the holidays bring on, sometimes its good to bring our kiddos back to reality and what we are truly thankful for each year.

With a fun craft, you can make this a lot less painful (for everyone!)!! Instead of a “be thankful” lecture, make it fun by doing a craft!


This fun turkey craft (found on Pinterest) incorporates a fun craft and the activity of thinking about what we are thankful for. All you’ll need is two paper plates, a toilet paper tube, orange paint, and construction paper. (They use other things like a red balloon for the gobble thing and a black to-go dressing container for the hat, but you could use construction paper for these.) Paint the paper plates orange, cut out feather shapes, eyes, mouth, gobble thing (seriously, what is that called?!?!), and hat and let the kids go to town! You’ll also need glue and a stapler. But looking at the picture, it is pretty easy!

What you’ll end up with is a fun centerpiece that displays on each “feather” the things your family is thankful for! You could do a boy one and a girl one, each kid could do their own (and subsequently have to come up with their own things they are thankful for), etc. And who knows, if you had the kiddos do this craft while the buzz and craziness of cooking and getting everything ready  on Thanksgiving day, you may have a temporary babysitter too! 😉


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