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**This post has been sponsored by Texas Connections Academy. All opinions are 100% our own!**

Texas Connections AcademyOne thing is for sure, not all kids learn the same way. Your child may need direct, one-on-one support, while another of your children thrives in the classroom. And yet another child may learn best independently, discovering the world on their own. If you are looking for options to help educate this child, look no further than Texas Connections Academy!

Texas Connections Academy offers an online education that is flexible for your child’s schedule. With an online education, you can control the learning environment and routine for your child. Your child can work at his own pace through lessons they need more time in; and for concepts they are able to understand easily, they can complete the work and move on to the next activity.

I spoke with Paige, a local mom whose daughter attends Texas Connections Academy as a seventh grader.  They’ve utilized the online program for many years and love the ownership their daughter has had with her own education.  Her daughter’s classes are scheduled, but there are many times to choose from each week. (Paige’s younger daughter attends their local public school.)

When I asked Paige about the most important thing about Texas Connections Academy, she wanted me to remind moms that this is not homeschool.  Students learn at their pace (her daughter is already working on honors geometry), participate in online clubs and leadership training, and they are free to participate in local sports and activities based on their own schedule.

Interested in learning more? Texas Connections Academy is a tuition-free, fully-accredited, online school for grades 3 – 12. It is not a homeschool program since students receive instruction and submit work to certified teachers, participate in interactive online classroom sessions with teachers and peers, and complete the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) testing. Texas Connections Academy is an online public school, so the same rules and regulations apply to this school as would to your traditional local public school.  

At Texas Connections Academy, you can focus on your child’s successes rather than failures with additional one-on-one support from online teachers. As your child’s Learning Coach, you will help keep your child on track with their lessons, interaction with your child’s teachers and other parents who participate in the program.  

Your child will get to interact online with other students during live lessons, but the flexibility of an online classroom give you the opportunity to participate in more extra-curricular activities and field trips in your own neighborhood. As a parent, you’ll be able to help your child find activities that are more suited to your child’s interests. Texas Connections Academy truly allows you to tailor your child’s education to their needs.  



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