Society Bakery


The first time I had a petit four from Society Bakery six years ago, I knew it was the start of something special. SEVEN birthday cakes and about a hundred {at least} cupcakes later, and I am still in love.

With their main location on Lower Greenville in the M Streets, Society Bakery is a one-of-a-kind bakery in Dallas. They focus not only on making the best cupcakes, cakes, and whoopie pies in town, but also using their platform for philanthropy. On their website, they list over 100 organizations they have supported in their {almost} ten years of business. It’s great to love and support a place that helps the community I hold so dear.

But who am I kidding? I go there for the icing.

Seriously, their icing is a to-die-for cream cheese/buttercream concoction that will make your heart swoon! It is piled high on their yummy cupcakes which come in an array of flavors. July features include Apple Pie, S’Mores, and my husband’s favorite, Oreo. I always order the same one- vanilla with vanilla icing. Boring, you say? Oh, no. Best cupcake ever! You can check out all of their other flavors here.

My favorite thing, though, is ordering birthday cakes from Society Bakery. In the last four years we’ve ordered seven! And I plan on ordering many, many more in the future. They offer two layer round cakes, sheet cakes, and square 2 or 3 layer cakes. The cake flavors are plentiful as well. The cakes come with a basic design and writing on the top {like Jack’s blue and red cake below}. If you want customization, their team does a great job fulfilling your request, charging a custom art fee that starts at $15 {all other cakes pictured have custom art work}.

Other than making fabulous birthday cakes and giving back to the community, Society Bakery has a lot more going on these days! They’ve recently been featured on Food Network and their new San Antonio-based food truck will be featured on The Cooking Channel in 2013. For more on their latest adventures, follow Society Bakery on Twitter and Facebook. Hint- they have been known to giveaway cupcakes on Facebook!

I love to load up the kids and head to Society Bakery for a special treat every once in a while. If you haven’t been, make it your next summer outing. You won’t be disappointed! And, if you have a birthday coming up, order a cake from Society Bakery and tell them Dallas Moms Blog sent you!

Society Bakery {Greenville location}
3426 B Greenville Ave. Dallas, Texas 75206
(Corner of Greenville & McCommas)

Society Bakery {Medical City location}
7777 Forest Lane Suite A066 Dallas, Texas 75230
(Inside Medical City Hospital Atrium A)

Dallas Moms Blog did not receive anything from Society Bakery for this review. I just love the place and wanted to share it with you! 


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