Road Trip with the Big Kids!


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tips for a long road trip with kids

Road trips feel a lot different when you’re done with diaper bags and naps! If you’re heading out with your big kids (and adults!), you need to be ready to roll with a whole new arsenal of mommy supplies.

Here is a list great things you need to make your road trip feel like a cruise!


No road trip from Texas is complete without a stop at Buc-ee’s. Voted best convenience store bathroom, Buc-ee’s has every snack you need. Our favorites include its breakfast tacos, yogurt parfait, chocolate covered animal crackers, watermelon rings, and cherry sours. Don’t forget to visit its retail area and fill up with gas!

When we travel, whether it’s vacation or sports, we always bring these snack trays to keep our snacks separate. They come in a two-pack, so I fill one with fruit, meat, and cheese, and fill the other with dry snacks. They fit perfect in the cooler and make snacking in the car easy!

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All the big kids — husband included — need help keeping their technology organized on our road trips. We found these compact holders so everyone can keep up with their cords, headphones, and portable chargers. I throw a label on each one, and then we can store them in our own respective bags.

For our upcoming trip, we got these holders for our phones and iPads. They are simple to install and offer ease in the car so no one arrives with a stiff neck!

My big kids love taking pictures with their phones, but I wanted to teach them the beauty of photos. We have our own Polaroid we take on the road with us to capture those fun moments. Grab one of these cameras and be prepared as your kids become family paparazzi!

Reading and Writing

Long gone are the fun homemade binders with license plate games that mom made for previous trips. Now, my big kids love to talk history about the places we’re going, quiz each other over USA trivia, and sometimes color in adult coloring books like these.

mapComfort on the Road

Trust me when I tell you that everyone is much nicer on your road trips when they are comfortable! Besides pillows from home, we love these travel pillows for napping in the car. Big kid tested and approved!

Travel Apps

We have two apps we love for road trip travel. The first, Wanderlog, allows you to create travel itineraries for all your road trips. It offers suggestions along your route as well and then you can share with others on your trip. It is a great free resource we love to use!

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Our second favorite is Autio. Once you turn on your location, it offers information and stories about wherever you are on your trip! The app gives you five free locations then offers a reasonable paid plan for the rest of your travels.

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