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Having kids with food allergies, or having allergies yourself, is no fun. It’s not just the day to day cooking that is disruptive and can be a real downer, but all those special times when you want to take your child (or yourself!) out for a treat. That’s when you often find that there’s nowhere to go.

A few years ago, Jennifer let everyone in on the secret of Donut Palace, a vegan and allergy friendly donut shop in Dallas. Now I’m here to tell you about Reverie Bakeshop, the place to go when you need some sweets (even IF you have food allergies).

Reverie Bakeshop

This little gem on the corner of Coit Rd. and Campbell Rd. (on the cusp of Richardson and Dallas) is a fantastic place to take you and your family for any occasion. Whether it’s getting cupcakes after a great day of school or grabbing a pastry because it’s been a bad one, there is something for everyone everyday.

Because this bakery is vegan, all of their items are baked without dairy, eggs, and butter. They also offer a large selection of gluten-free pastries and desserts.

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The best part about all of these desserts? They all taste like they’ve been made with every sinful ingredient on the planet. The “faux-stess” cupcake is fudgy and rich. The whoopee pies are light and fluffy. The staff are friendly. AND they carry a large selection of all of these items Monday through Friday from 8-6 and Saturday from 8-5. In addition to the desserts, they serve ice cream, coffee brewed with local beans, and a small menu of sandwiches.

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My recommendation for you is the chocolate chip cookie whoopie pie…but I recommend eating at AFTER your kids go to bed.

Just so you don’t have to share.

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  1. As a mom of a little guy with a severe dairy allergy (and an infant with a dairy intolerance meaning in dairy free right now) in excited to try this! Yall should let people know that Donut Palace is no longer as awesome as it once was. About a month ago they changed suppliers for their icing and so now only the glazed donut is dairy free. Both the chocolate and white icings now have whey in them. Huge love to Donut Palace for remembering we are a dairy free family and telling my husband this when he walked in so we didn’t end up in the ER.


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