New Mom? Join the Squad!

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When you are in the midst of new parenthood it might feel like you are all alone in this new stressful, beautiful sleep-deprived world you just entered. You may be looking for a community of other Moms. People who are experiencing motherhood for the first time together.  The JCC’s New Mom Squad is an Action Group developed for New Mothers just for that reason. 

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What is New Mom Squad?

 J New Mom Squad is a community of new mothers through the Jewish Community Center who can connect and feel comforted that they are not in this “New Mom World” alone.  The group is a bonding experience for new mothers to relate to one another in the new stage of life they have recently entered.

Why should you join the Squad?

These groups are designed to bring new moms together to socialize and form a companionship as they relate over common ground.  Members of J New Mom Squad will feel comforted meeting others going through similar experiences.  The group will alleviate loneliness and stress while the J staff acts as connectors planning weekly meetups and supervising connections 24/7 through a private Facebook group.  

Who is J New Mom Squad For?

The J New Mom Squad targets mothers of babies born in the past 3 months. The Spring Group is for those who have had babies this Spring from: March-May 2019. There are also groups for those having babies this Summer from: June-August 2019, as well as this Fall from: September-November 2019 and this Winter from: December 2019-February 2020.  Every new mom, no matter how cranky, overwhelmed or sleep deprived has a place in the JCC’s New Mom Squad. 

How to Join:

Joining J New Mom Squad is easy! Simply click this link and fill out the membership form.  New members will receive a conformation email within 24 hours informing you of the first meetup date.  Also don’t forget to join the Facebook group to connect with other new moms daily!

To learn More:

To learn more about J New Mom Squad visit the website and sign up today!




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