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I am a proud resident of East Dallas. I live east of Central Expressway and I like to stay east! Judge me if you will 🙂

I know so many moms who live in Richardson and rave about how family friendly it is. I’ve always been a bit envious of all the great businesses there that seem to cater to families and kids. East Dallas, specifically the White Rock area, just seemed to fall short of all the other areas of Dallas when it came to having kids. Well, times are changing my friends!

Dallas Moms Blog reviews kid friendly Monster YogurtWhen Monster Yogurt opened their doors a few months ago, the White Rock area went up several notches on the family-friendly scale. This place was made for kids!
I could probably end this post just after mentioning their INDOOR PLAY AREA, and you would all rush over there and make a playdate out of it, but I won’t. I’ll continue on about all the goodness of this locally owned, Casa Linda gem. So here they are, my favorite things about Monster Yogurt and why moms will love this place:

Indoor Play Area

Like I mentioned before, they have a great indoor play area that is designed for ages 3 and up, although my little one has enjoyed it since we started going there at the age of 2. It’s not huge, but I actually like that there aren’t many corners and tunnels for your kids to be hidden from your sight.

Free Coffee Bar

In the sitting area there is a little coffee station where you can sip on locally roasted coffee and help support a local charity by offering a donation if you choose. The coffee is complimentary, but 100% of donation proceeds go to organizations committed to benefiting the community. Personally, I think this is a great idea, and I am all about making East Dallas a better community!

Free Wi-Fi

If you are a working-when-you-can-mom like me, you could sit in the lounge watching your kids play while you get a little work done on your laptop. Or just enjoy the free wi-fi while perusing Pinterest and Instagram on your phone.

Hand Sanitizer Everywhere!

I know this may not be a big deal, but I bet germaphobes everywhere just got a joyful moment of relief from reading that statement. Even those of us who can tolerate a little dirt under our kids’ nails appreciate the easily accesible hand sanitizer stations throughout the store.

Great Variety

Monster Yogurt has a great selection of both yogurt flavors and toppings. Although I honestly have better luck finding my favorite flavors at some of the other typical yogurt places, I think their selection is so great for kids. It also seems they always have options for dairy free, gluton free, and sugar free. A few months back, I was dairy-free for breastfeeding and asked on their FB page what flavors would accomodate that and they happily helped me out. I so appreciate good customer relations like that!

Monster Yogurt review on Dallas Moms Blog, Kid friendly

High Chairs

Yep, they even have handy-dandy high chairs to corral your little ones. They even roll and are easy to maneuver around there store to wherever you’re sitting.

So there you have it. If you live in the East Dallas area, it’s definitely worth it to head over to the Casa Linda Plaza and try out this great place with your family.

Word on the street is that a Richardson location will be opening soon. Yeah, yeah, more for Richardson folks to brag about. Just remember, it was East Dallas that rocked Monster Yogurt first!



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  1. We live in Lakewood and love, love, love this place! The amazing selection of toppings is fabulous and very fun for kids, as is the play area. They even do birthday parties!

  2. Another great thing about Monster Yogurt: Every Friday this summer (2013) from 3-5 pm they have FREE FACE PAINTING at the Richardson location. Right next to the Tom Thumb at Coit and Campbell. MIght be a great thing to add to Dallas Moms Blog “Events” or a suggestion for a playdate.

  3. I recently found this gem in East Dallas when trying to entertain my 2 year old stepson and my newborn son of 5 weeks! The woman working there was amazing! She entertained and kept an eye on my stepson while I nursed my son and brought him toys from the lost and found and kept me sane with coffee the whole time. I wish there were more locations as we live up in Little Elm! Great concept of play place, yogurt, free coffee and wifi…. Very kid friendly and mom friendly! Thank you for posting info about this place!


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