How I Lost My Baby Weight in 4 Hours


I’ve always wanted to be one of those moms who wears work-out clothes and drinks Starbucks. Well, I became one of those moms. I wore work-out clothes because nothing else fit and I drank Starbucks when my morning coffee wore off. It hadn’t turned out the way I had pictured it in my head; it wasn’t a good look.

I was officially an exhausted, busy mom of a 2 year old and a 2 month old. I never thought of food and if I did feel hungry, I’d gulp down another cup of coffee to tide me over until I could hit up a drive-thru. I was NOT about to take my crew into a restaurant, and cooking? That’s a joke. I lived this way until I felt too disgusting. I decided to look into companies that could provide me with pre-made healthy food. This is when I was introduced to Utopia Food and Fitness, a company that I can honestly say has changed my life!


Utopia Lobby


While Utopia (located at Preston and Spring Creek in Plano) provides healthy meals and snacks, they are best known for their 6-week Total Body Make-over.  This program pairs their healthy, chef-prepared food with two, YES ONLY TWO, 20 minute strength-training workouts a week.  Participants should expect a significant loss of excess body fat, a gain in lean muscle, a higher metabolism, and a new view of a healthy lifestyle.


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I was able to convince my husband, Evan, to join me in participating in the 6 week make-over.  Together we ate the delicious, natural and preservative-free food, worked out twice a week, joked around with the staff, and drank a ton of water.  Our favorite parts of the program? For me, I LOVED not having to cook or eat food from a drive-thru. Evan really liked the “Golf Strength and Flexibility Program” which added an extra 10 minutes of core workout, said to improve his golf game. Yes, sometimes we missed our wine nights and bar-b-que (everything in moderation) but we had our eye on the prize.  Did we achieve success? Check it out for yourself…




(Obviously this dress didn’t fit. Notice where the zipper stopped!)



(I imagined my “after” picture would be cuter- with hair and make-up done, yet I’m still mom to two kids under 2- ha!)

Lost: 8lbs, 12.5 inches off my body



Lost: 17.1 lbs of fat, gained 8.1 lbs of lean muscle, 12.25 inches off his body

While we have completed the program, I plan on buying some of the food each week to have on hand for busy days. Evan continues to work out and hopes to see even more results when participating in the program a second time. We are both thankful for our results and would recommend Utopia Food and Fitness to anyone wanting to make a healthy change.


*While we received a small discount on the program in exchange for our post, our opinions are 100% true. We loved it.


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