Dinner just got a whole lot cheaper!


We are busy these days. How about you? I know the answer is yes! Our family is shuffling between work and preschool and soccer and gymnastics and church and playing with friends and… the list goes on. I think we have something almost every night of the week! While I love the busyness of the fall, I find we are eating out more and more for dinner. It’s hard to find time to cook when we have soccer and church many evenings of the week. If I forget to thaw the meat or put something in the crock pot, chances are, we’re going out!

With two kids big enough to need their own meal, our eating out expenses have increased over the last year. And you know how it goes- you order something for your kids to share and it’s gone in 30 seconds, but if you order them their own meal, they only take 3 bites each. What’s up with that? It can get so frustrating spending money on kids meals when you have no idea if they’ll eat it or not!

Well, one night after a busy day we decided on Freebirds for dinner, and I was so happy to see this sign:

Oh yeah! That night we got two kids meals for FREE! It saved $8 off of our total cost for dinner that evening. Eight whole dollars! That is fabulous savings, mommas! And, I didn’t care if they ate two bites or twenty. It was free!

I knew other restaurants in the area have “kids eat free” offers (in addition to the few Amanda listed) , so I planned on researching it and giving you all the details of places in Dallas that offer free meals for kids.  Immediately I found a great website that had already done the work for me! Metroplex Baby & Kids has an updated, long list of all of the restaurants in DFW that have free offers for kids meals. AND, it’s listed by area, so you’re sure to find an offer close to home! On the list are a few places that we’re definitely going to visit, like Tin Star, Cafe Brazil, and Paradise Bakery. Of course, the free meals are only offered on certain nights, so be sure to check out this comprehensive list of Dallas restaurants where kids can eat for free!

I didn’t see Freebirds on the list, but they are currently offering any kid’s entree, chips and drink for free with the purchase of an adult entree on Sunday after 3pm, and all day Monday and Tuesday. Maybe it’s the Aggie in us, but my family LOVES eating at The Bird! So, we will definitely be back on one of those nights when a home-cooked meal is just not happening. Maybe we’ll see you there!

Dallas moms, do you know of a great place that has a kids eat free offer? Please share in the comment section below!

*Dallas Moms Blog was not compensated in any way by Freebirds or Metroplex Baby and Kids. We just wanted you to know about this great way to save a little money while eating out! Enjoy!



  1. we just discovered the kids eat free at ihop…and have been back twice since then for an easy Sunday night dinner. It’s empty so there’s no wait and since breakfast is my son’s favorite meal, it’s one meal I’m guaranteed he’ll eat!

  2. Oh fun! Thanks for sharing Kali! One question- do they serve Pop Tarts at IHOP? Just kidding, Jack likes pancakes too! I’d also bet that he would actually eat an entire meal! We are there!

  3. Yes, I think it’s required for every Aggie to love freebirds. 🙂 this is good info to know! I have one right down the street from our house!


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