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I find so much inspiration from the creativity of others. I do not consider myself that creative, but I can copy an idea or a style like a pro! Because of that, I have fallen in love with following lifestyle bloggers and various social media “influencers” online. As to not get in my own way and assume everyone has the same taste as me, here is a list of some of our team’s favorite online follows.

One Little Momma

She is probably my favorite! She is a mom of FIVE boys, and she owns an accessories store in Kansas City called Nickel & Suede. She is spunky, and I love her style – a little edgy but still completely realizes she is still a mom. Her online blog highlights things like traveling with kids, style ideas and trends for each season, short hair inspo (her hair is incredible!), and so much more! More recently, she has been getting more transparent on how she balances everything. I value this so much because it reminds me and keeps me grounded when I find myself comparing my life with the seemingly “perfect” lives of those I see online. 


Friend of the Dallas Moms Blog! Lauren is from Dallas but currently living as an expat in London. Her photos on instagram are incredibly gorgeous and will make you want to plan your next European adventure. (She can help you with doing just that!) She is a working mom who has so many wonderful adventures to share with followers, but also is open an honest about the loss of a child. The vulnerability and honestly of ladies online is incredibly refreshing and offers an opportunity to connect in ways you didn’t think you could before.

The Sister Studio

Um, hi – can I dress like her every day please? Actually, influencer Jen helps you do just that. She calls her style “affordable + achievable” and I love it! In my efforts to be the slightly cool but always stylish mom, Jen helps me pull things together in new ways. I find myself mimicking her posts with stuff that I already have in my closet but just hadn’t thrown it together in the cute ways that she does. She is super fun and so modest – from the top of her gorgeous head of hair down to her leopard flats. Flawlessly casual and impeccably stylish!

Chronicles of Frivolity

Super-feminine Mom alert! All of her posts are so dainty, pink, and floral. It is a stretch for me, but now that I have a daughter I find myself drifting over to the “bright” side. Her dog’s name is Peaches, if that tells you anything about how much of a southern belle we are talking about here.  Her blog has evolved from fashion-only to more all around lifestyle. She posts great ways to stay organized at home, activities to do with your kids around holidays, and goes deep about things like her biggest fears

Honestly, I am about to change your instagram life! Do not read another word until you click that link and follow her page. Okay – you did that and now you’re back? You can keep reading now. This amazing page is run by a woman in Houston and all she does is post about things that she has purchased that she likes. It sounds simple but it is an incredible game changer. I have literally bought things off of her recommendations every other week for about a year. She gives honest assessments and compares knock off brands with name brands to let you know where you should save and splurge. I never even thought about getting clear plastic cups in my home but as soon as she posted about it, I replaced every glass cup with the plastic ones and never looked back. I am not exaggerating when I say, this is the PINNACLE of instagram accounts. She is the reason we have social media! It just begins and ends there.

I hope you found someone new to follow from my list? Are you SCREAMING inside because I missed someone you think is the best follow ever? Let us know in the comments – I need more!! Also, check out my previous post dedicated to my favorite fitness influencers and accounts across social media platforms!



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