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I was reflecting recently on the amazing groups of moms I am in contact with every day. Sometimes the number of unread messages on GroupMe is overwhelming, but at the end of the day, they are filled with messages from moms looking out for their children and each other.

How have I been able to build community as a mom? By looking in a range of places. And, it’s paid off because, now, I have a wide pool of women I can turn to when I need help and advice.

Where have I found my community of moms? At church and the neighborhood playground. As my children have grown, I’ve also found community at their schools, on their sports teams, and through a moms-only book club. It’s taken seven years searching for opportunities, falling into a few, and building the community I need.

So, if you’re looking to build your own community of moms, I have some tips for you.

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Before my kids were in school, whenever the weather was nice, we were at a playground. In only a few visits, we met new people, became friends, and started planning regular play dates. Look for kids similar in age to your own and strike up a conversation with the other moms. Will this always lead to an amazing mom group? No. But might it? Absolutely YES!

If you haven’t found a park that you love, visit one of these 3 Playgrounds in Farmers Branch.

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Once your kids start school, they will be making new friends. It’s a great opportunity for moms to make friends, too. Where better to meet fellow parents than where you already have something in common — school! Here are a few ways to meet other moms at school:

  • Volunteer to chaperone a field trip or attend other school events.
  • Set up a playdate on the school playground after pickup.
  • Meet for lunch at a restaurant with an outdoor playground. While the kids (who are already friends) play, you and soon-to-be-friend get to know each other.

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If you are part of a church, that’s a great place to find other moms. You already share a faith, so chances are you’ll find other things to share as well. A lot of churches already have moms groups. Check the bulletin, website, or social media posts to see if such a group exists. If it doesn’t, ask if there’s an opportunity to start one.

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Sports Teams

If your kids play sports, then you already see other parents several times a week during the season. While you chat about the team’s successes (or lack of), squeeze in some get-to-know-you questions and build a connection. Our article Living That Sports Mom Life even suggests organizing a carpool.

If you are looking for a community of moms, chances are they are looking for you, too. In fact, most moms are seeking to build community. I know it doesn’t come easily to everyone, but the more connections you seek and the more moms you talk to, the easier it will be.

A mom with a backpack stands alone in front of her kid's soccer teamWhile you work on getting yourself out there, join a Dallas Moms Community Group to find other moms nearby. We’ve worked hard to develop an online community for moms all over the metroplex. It’s a great place to start finding friends.

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