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I started out writing this post with the intention of sharing my top 5 favorite weather-proof boots.  But then I went shopping and found myself in the never-land of adorable, all-weather footwear cuteness – and even I ended up buying several to try. 

I’ve done the colorful, tall, rubber rain boot trend, and on certain days – when the moon aligns with the stars and it’s a reasonable temperature along with the rain, all is well.  But y’all, rubber doesn’t breathe, especially in Texas.  No matter how pretty my pink boots are, neither can I when I wear them. 

So I went shopping for fashionable, comfortable alternatives. Here are some of my faves.  (Note:  none of these are what I would consider cheap.  I would call most of these boots an investment piece.  I’ve decided that I’m at the point in life where I would rather have one really nice thing than a closet full of not-so-much.  And I speak from a lifetime of closets full of not-so-much.)

The Sorel brand of boots were new to me, but y’all, the opportunities are endless.  They have everything from rainy day wear to cold and rainy warmth.

Sorel Emelie
Sorel Lolla
Sorel Kinetic Lace Up
Sorel wedge
Sorel Cozy Jane

Sorel Emelie 1964 Combat style waterproof boot – oh my gosh.  I bought a pair of these and loved the look till I wore them around my bedroom and figured out how narrow they run.  I had to take them back, but I looked awesome trying them on.

The Sorel Lolla waterproof leather bootie – I bought these, too.  Loved. They are all-purpose, fashionable, daily wear and I thought these would be my keepers… until I slipped in my kitchen floor after coming in from the rainy porch.  Maybe it’s the floor cleaner I use, maybe not. I decided not to test it further and chose to keep looking. But as far as a good pair of basic leather, wear-everywhere-all-the-time bootie, these are winners. 

The Sorel Kinetic Short lace up waterproof bootie – so edgy and unique.  I bought. I tried. I liked. But then decided that I’m not as edgy and fashion-forward as I think I am in my mind, and returned them.  These are a cross between futuristic athletic shoe and mountain woman chic. I decided I’m more of a plain, flat land Dallasite and chose to keep looking.  But definitely warm and comfy and if you wear these, everyone will think you’re a fashion model straight from the runway. 

The Sorel Rubber waterproof wedge – so many styles of these.  I never tried one of these on, but I do have a pair of wedge sneakers that I really like so I can totally see these as an option.  And they come in so many different styles and colors, I can’t even begin to list them here. 

The Sorel Cozy Joan waterproof leather boot – a boot for both rain and winter cold.  The sporty look of a sneaker with the warmth of a winter boot, this boot is made of waterproof leather and suede, 100g insulation to seal out the elements, while plush faux-fur collar trim keeps things super cozy.  Best for light rain. Y’all, I didn’t try these on, but the appeal of warm and dry feet made me add them to my list.

Bernardo Winnie
Blondo platform sneaker
Lucky Brand Basel h2O
Timberland Jane

The Bernardo Winnie Waterproof bootie is one of the only rubber boots that made my faves list.  So different than the tall rubber waders that are all the rage, I think my legs could stand a chance at a breath in a rubber boot like this.  It comes in black, pink, green or blue and I almost died over the cuteness. I didn’t order these or even try them on in the store, but I seriously still might.  

Lucky Brand Basel h2O rubber bootie is the last rubber option I looked at.  And this one lives up to the classic, Lucky Brand style of laid back, casual cool.  They look more like matte leather than rubber, and I think no one would know they were rain boots if you chose to wear them for everyday wear.  

The Blondo waterproof sneaker is really cute for those who like the slip on shoe idea.  I haven’t jumped on that trend so much, but an easy, slip on shoe that’s waterproof to run errands in, who wouldn’t like that?  Blondo has many other options, too – like a waterproof, wedge sneaker and leather booties as well.

Timberland Jayne 6 inch Waterproof leather combat boot.  I ordered these, and at the time of this writing, they haven’t yet arrived.  But I’ve had a pair of combat boots for several years in a velvet fabric that I’m sort of over by now – and figured a good, everyday boot that’s both leather and waterproof can’t be a bad idea.  These come in several color options, and get great reviews for comfort and traction on Amazon. I think they’re worth a try.

And finally, the winter boot we all know and love  – the Ugg. I love my old school, sherpa lined Uggs for just about everything imaginable, but I was looking for something a little updated in the waterproof category for this post, and with a more slip proof sole than usual.   The traditional Uggs, as warm as they are, aren’t all made to be weather-proof. Some are specifically labeled, water resistant or waterproof, so check that little detail. All the ones below all fall into one of the weatherproof categories.    

Ugg mini waterproof
Ugg Marte Wedge
Ugg Kress
Ugg Kilmer

The Ugg Mini Waterproof – the look of the traditional Ugg, all waterproofed.  Not a bad deal. And with a Vibram rubber sole, you actually get good traction and non slip in these.  

The Ugg Kress ankle boot – I bought this one for it’s simple lines and chunky clog heel which is all the rage right now.  Rubber sole, wool lined, and water resistant leather made me choose this to go with everything from leggings to jeans. I think I can even wear this one on rainy spring days when it’s not necessarily cold, but kind of a weird mix of wet, damp and yucky.  May as well look good even if the day doesn’t.

The Ugg Marte Wedge heel boot – this is way too high a heel for me, but for those of you who love the high wedges, this one is 3.5 inches with a 4 inch boot shaft height.  You’ll be as tall as the sky in these, all while staying warm and dry. Waterproof suede with a rubber sole. This comes in 3 colors, and Ugg has other similar styled wedge boots to choose from, so shop around.  

The Ugg Kilmer is another combat boot look.  This one is water resistant leather with a rubber sole and wool lining.  This would be so cute with leggings or a even a dress. So 1990’s.

And the list goes on and on – for days of me sitting at my laptop, online boot shopping for this post.  I think this is just a small sample of what’s out there beyond the colorful, rubber rain boot. 

Have fun shopping.


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