The Best Tacos in Dallas: An Eating Enthusiast’s Guide


best tacos dallasWho says the best things in life can’t fit in the palm of your hand? For the past year, our family has begun a new pastime of finding new tacos in Dallas to enjoy.  We love to research or just get in the car and look for new (to us) spots where locals are pressing tortillas, slicing limes and grilling fresh pastor. Consider it a form of Texas geocaching for the taco-curious, knowing you’ll find something great at the end of your adventure every time. 

With the long and hot days of summer, a fresh street taco hits the spot without weighing you down in the sweltering heat! Get in on the fun of thinking outside the drive through or uppity restaurant for your next family meal with my family’s list of favorite taco spots in Dallas


Tacos y Mas Dallas
My little amiga loving Tacos y Mas on Ross Avenue.

Tacos y Mas

Where: Forest Lane, Plano Road, Ross Ave and more

The Vibe: One of the original Dallas taco stands. I love the Ross Avenue location for a good window ordering experience that I can bring the kiddo to, thanks to shaded outdoor seating. 

Kid Friendly: Good. Many locations are indoors and air-conditioned, the Ross Avenue locations features shade. 

Don’t Miss: The mas – I love the chipotle chicken tostadas. The chipotle crema sauce cannot be beat! Get the breakfast tacos and be an office hero. 


Tacos La Banqueta Dallas
“Diets are prohibited here” at Tacos La Banqueta.


Tacos La Banqueta

Where: N Carroll Avenue (by Baylor hospital), Gaston Avenue (Lakewood), Pioneer Parkway (Arlington)

The Vibe: All tacos, no frills. We frequent the N Carroll location and don’t expect a lot of sides – no beans, rice or elotes are on the menu – but you will want to fill up on these amazing, cooked to order tacos! 

Kid Friendly: Fair. High chairs are available and the staff and fellow diners are friendly. The N Carroll location is in a rougher part of the neighborhood, but everyone in La Banqueta is always on his or her best taco eating behavior. 

Don’t Miss: The agua frescas are basically mandatory when we’re washing down as many as 6-7 $1,50 tacos at a time.


Tacos Mariachi Dallas
Holy mole fries at Tacos Mariachi.
Tacos Mariachi Dallas
One of the inventive seafood tacos at Tacos Mariachi in Dallas.


Tacos Mariachi

Where: Trinity Groves 

The Vibe: The bright and clean decor and seafood tacos (shrimp, fish and octopus are menu stand outs) make you feel like you’re in a Mexican coastal town. 

Kid Friendly: Very. The owners are exceptionally friendly, high chairs are available and the gated patio is great for letting little ones run around a bit while waiting for your made to order goodness. 

Don’t Miss: Cucumber lemonade and other fresh drinks (even more on the way with their impending liquor license), the mole fries. 


La Ventana

Where: Behind Meso Maya downtown and in The Shed at the Farmer’s Market, Addison 

The Vibe: A side project of Meso Maya, the menu at La Ventana keeps growing in delicious directions. I love the fun names assigned to your order and the bright murals outdoors. This is our pre-game spot for events at the AAC or our post-Kyle Warren Park refreshments. The new location at The Shed has a great energy and is always packed. 

Kid Friendly: Fair. If your kiddo is old enough to sit at a picnic table, they’ll probably love the fun environment at La Ventana. Fair warning: there’s little shade at the downtown location at the peak of summer and The Shed location is attracting a margarita crowd. Expect to stand a good line to place your worthwhile order. You can reward good behavior with a churro for $1.75. 

Don’t Miss: The elotes are some of my favorite in the city. Happy hour specials at The Shed on freshly made margaritas bring in a fun crowd! 


Torchy’s Tacos

Where: Basically everywhere. Lakewood, Preston Hollow, Southlake, SMU, Richardson, Plano..the list goes on. 

The Vibe: What was once Austin’s original taco stands is now a taco dynasty. 

Kid Friendly: Extremely. Changing tables, air conditioning, high chairs, coloring pages. You are at the Disney of taco joints. 

Don’t Miss: The monthly special edition tacos. I am known to earn stalker-status number of trips to Torchy’s during December for their Naughty Santa taco with shrimp and chorizo. The green chile queso should be easily identified in a lineup by any legitimate Texan taco enthusiast. 



Where: Sylvan Thirty in Oak Cliff (You can also catch a small delivery daily to Royal Blue Grocery in Highland Park Village!)

The Vibe: Impress your Austin friends with your knowledge of their likely favorite taco spot, Tacodeli. These tacos are inventive and feature organic ingredients and antibiotic free chicken. 

Kid Friendly: Good. Indoors and air conditioned, ample seating and high chairs available. 

Don’t Miss: These tacos! Tacodeli in Dallas currently closes daily at 3:00 pm. The mashed potatoes in their breakfast tacos is one of those things that shouldn’t work but definitely does on a doves singing, seeing rainbows way. 


Mario Bros Tacos Dallas
The whole family getting into the Mario Bros Tacos menu.


Mario Bros Tacos

Where: Abrams and NorthWest Highway 

The Vibe: This little family owned taco spot has so much personality! I love to see the family members working together in the open kitchen by the door. These are my favorite Barbacoa tacos in the city. The build your own cilantro and onion bowls have to be refilled multiple times at our family’s table. They’re so fresh! 

Kid Friendly: Very. Air conditioned, high chairs, an ample sized restroom, kiddy candies by the cash register and a little Tejano jukebox make this a great place to come with a bambino. We sit in the backroom where it tends to be roomier. 

Don’t Miss: Barbacoa and pastor tacos loaded with fresh cilantro and onions brought to your table and drizzled in spicy green salsa. 


El Come Taco Dallas
Dad, Mom and toddler taco selections at El Come Taco.


El Come Taco

Where: Fitzhugh Ave 

The Vibe: Your new taco hangout. The sports game of the day projected on the wall, a full bar set up and some of the best tacos and elotes in town. 

Kid Friendly: Good. Indoor seating, high chairs, friendly staff and TV have made this a favorite spot for our toddler. 

Don’t Miss: Amazing elotes and margaritas. 


Taqueria El Si Hay
A sign of good things to come at Taqueria El Si Hay.


Taqueria El Si Hay 

Where: Oak Cliff 

The Vibe: Walk right up and get your taco on. This street stand is one of the highest rated taco outposts on Yelp (and now on Dallas Mom’s Blog!). The scene out here on a weekend night is not to be missed, with tacos cooked to order and elotes cut off the cob right outside. 

Kid Friendly: Questionable. The open air stand off Davis, a busier road in Oak Cliff, and the cast of characters that frequent would have me watching my toddler more than enjoying my tacos. We tend to save this one for date night. 

Don’t Miss: Elotes (are you noticing a trend with the author?), Al Pastor tacos and the chance to sit on a parking bumper in Oak Cliff and love in living in Dallas. 

Have a favorite taco spot I missed? Leave it in the comments below! 


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Lilly, Dallas born and bred, was fortunate to live outside of Texas at a young age to know there’s nothing quite like the world class cultural melting pot, big ideas and small town hospitality of her native city. From the biggest landmarks to the smallest taco stands, Lilly has enjoyed sharing her favorite parts of the city and her family’s journey navigating life in it at her blog, Pancakes and Beet Juice. A note to the joy that’s found in balance of life’s rich and healthy pleasures, Pancakes and Beet Juice and Lilly’s writing at Dallas Mom’s Blog cover topics ranging from food, fitness, family and enjoying new experiences in the city and beyond. Her love for Dallas and adventure is only made more fun by seeing old favorites again through the eyes of her daughter, Heidi, welcomed via open domestic adoption. The days are long but the years are short, and the whole mess is documented through various filters at her Instagram page.


  1. Jamal’s. It’s a convenience store/taco shop. They are amazing. We go there regularly and get 60+ tacos to just munch on all day!

  2. La Victoria on Haskell, just off Ross! The owner, Vicky, cooks everything to order and it shows with the freshest, tastiest tacos around..


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