Best Places to Buy a Bike in Dallas


Cyclists ride through a tree-lined neighborhood in Dallas. A dad and daughter pedal a tandem bike with a carriage hitched to the back.

Here in North Texas, we’re lucky to experience good weather for most of the year. Of course, we have (very!) hot summers, and we can count on a few days of ice and/or snow storms every winter, but our weather doesn’t keep us inside for very long. Because of this, there is no limit to bike riding season. We can ride bikes all the time! We have an abundance of beautiful parks and paths to explore.

As luck would also have it, these kids of ours keep growing and need new bikes on a pretty regular basis. If you’re in the market for a first bike for one your kids, a new bike for a growing kid, or a bike for mom or dad to keep up, here is a list of the best places to buy a bike in Dallas.

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Local Bike Shops

We have a ton of local bike shops here in North Texas. With many of these shops having multiple locations, there’s sure to be one close to you.

Bike Friendly South Dallas :: Dallas :: Although you cannot purchase a new bike here, this organization accepts donations of bikes and bike parts and offers repairs to serve the local community.

Bike Mart :: Preston Hollow, Richardson, White Rock :: Bike Mart has a large inventory and a knowledgeable staff. You can find the right bikes for everyone in your family here.

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The Bike Shop :: Richardson :: While it doesn’t have a huge inventory, it does have excellent, knowledgeable service. Bike repairs are quick and reasonably priced.

Dallas Bike Works :: Dallas :: Dallas Bike Works has bikes for cyclists at all levels. It carries a large inventory of bike gear as well.

PLAYTRI :: Dallas, Irving, Rockwall :: Catering to triathletes, it has a huge selection of bikes to shop and several locations around DFW.

REI :: Dallas :: REI offers a wide range of bikes from a trusted brand.

Two children ride bicycles on a paved path.

Bike Safety

Before you head out on your next family bike ride, be sure to review these bike safety tips.

1. Always wear a helmet. Remember, both children and adults should wear helmets — set a safety example for your kids.

2. Dress for safety! Wear brightly colored clothing (during the day) or reflective gear (at night). Additionally, you should attach a white front light, red rear light, and reflectors to your bike if you ride at night.

3. Use bike lanes, where available, and ride in the same direction as the flow of traffic. Follow the normal traffic laws while on your bike.

4. Always check for traffic in both directions when leaving your driveway, an alley, or a curb.

5. Remember to cross at intersections. When you pull out between parked cars, drivers might not see you coming.

6. Walk your bike across busy intersections using the crosswalk, and follow traffic signals.

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Turn Signals

Since we don’t have turn signals on our bikes, it’s important to teach kids how to signal with their arms. Always use your left arm when signaling on your bike. Don’t change directions or lanes without first looking behind you and signaling.

1. Left turn: Hold your arm straight out to the left.

2. Right turn: Bend your elbow, holding your arm up in an “L” shape.

3. Stop: Bend your elbow, pointing your arm downward in an upside down “L” shape.

Check out the NHTSA site for additional safety tips.

Did we miss any great bike shops in Dallas? Share your favorite place to buy a bike in North Texas in the comments below.


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