Bath Time Tricks to Let you Catch a Minute to Yourself


I don’t know about your kids, but my kids will play forever in the bath if I let them. It is truly my favorite Mom hack ever. Kids fighting? Throw them in the bath! Need to answer a few emails? Throw them in the bath! Too much screen time? Bath! Want a minute to yourself? Dump a bunch of fun toys and bubbles into the bath, grab a coffee or glass of wine, and relax tub-side while the kids play blissfully for as long as it takes for the water to run cold.  How do I get my kids to play so nicely in the bathtub you ask? It’s all about the toys. Here are some epic bath toy ideas your kids will love!

Bath Time Tricks

Bath Toys

  • Crayola Scribble Scrubbies My girls are absolutely obsessed with these cute critters! They are little white animals that can be colored with washable markers and then scrubbed clean over and over. We have quite the collection of animals going.
Pro Tip: If you are a member or visit the Crayola experience you can get a coupon for a free one during every trip.
  • Boon Water Cogs I love these STEM toys. The kids are learning while playing which is a HUGE win in my book. These little gears, when aligned just right, spin in a chain reaction as water is poured over them.
  • Boon Water Pipes Similarly to the cogs, these pipes, when aligned just right, create a chain as water is poured through them. These can be used by themselves or in conjunction with the cogs above. My girls absolutely love creating new ways to make “water machines”.
  • Munchkin Clean Squeeze Bath Toys There is nothing worse than moldy bath toys. These cute little squirt toys open in the middle and can be wiped dry to prevent unwanted molding. Honestly, I don’t understand why all bath toys aren’t made like this.
  • Foam Letters These foam letters and numbers can be used to spell sight words, teach phonics, and are great for letter and number recognition. I love how versatile they are.
Pro Tip: Buy 2 sets so you can spell words with double letters and work on numbers past the number 10.
  • Glo Pals These adorable little water friends activate when they touch the water. One of my kids’ favorite activities is a glow-in-the-dark bath. These delightful pals are perfect for just that. The kids will go nuts for them, trust me.
  • Bath Art There are so many options here. My girls love using bath crayons, fingerpaint, bath markers, and pens to make colorful creations on the walls of the tub.  Another option would be to make your own bath paint to use with paintbrushes.  Pinterest is full of fun ideas for this. We also enjoy changing the color of our bath water with these fun color drops or bath bombs.

Bath Toys

“Not” Bath Toys

Sometimes the toys that are not technically meant for the bath, are the most fun bath toys to my kids. Here are some ideas for nontraditional bath toys:

  • Duplo Blocks or Legos My girls love building, and there is something that is more fun to them about building in the bathtub. They create little buildings for their Scrubbies and other toys and will play forever.
  • Barbies or Action Figures Really the sky is the limit here. My girls will bring barbies, my little ponies, and even superhero action figures into the tub. They create little scenarios for them, and I watch as their little imaginations run wild.
  • Glow Sticks Don’t want to spend the money on Glo Pals? Grab some Glow Sticks at the Dollar Store for a fun glow-in-the-dark bath.
  • Popsicles Little kids and popsicles can be messy. Instead of following them around with a soapy dish towel.  Let them happily eat one in the bathtub, then wash away the mess.

Just switching up the bath toys or doing something out of the box, might help your child stay in the bath longer. Or for a child who doesn’t like baths, even enjoy the tub for the first time. Give screen time a break and draw the most epic bath your child has ever had.

Which bath time idea sounds the most fun to you?



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