Mary Ortiz


5 {Easy} Summer Hair Styles for Girls

You know those super cool, intricate, Elsa-looking braids? And those insane hair twists all over the head that end up making crisscross designs? Well, I don’t have any of that for you in this...
sibling bonding

3 Ways to Help Strengthen Sibling Relationships

Testing the Playing Field My daughter is on her second season playing soccer. I know many children who have learned great discipline and life lessons on the field. The first year, we learned soccer wasn’t...

Why You Need a Mom Friend, NOW

Motherhood can be such a lonely journey and we all need some sort of community to surround us. Motherhood is a sisterhood. Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines sisterhood as the solidarity of women based on shared conditions,...

Which is the {Hardest} Age to Parent?

Being a Mom is Tough Parenthood is a blessing and children are a gift; however, it doesn’t take away from the tough challenges we face every day. I remember how much bliss I felt right...

Sibling Rivalry :: Parenting Do’s and Don’ts

Sibling Beef If you give a child a cookie, odds are her sister will want the same exact cookie with the same amount of chocolate chips and not an edge short. This was my experience...

How to Inspire Creativity in your Child

"Creativity doesn't wait for that perfect moment. It fashions its own perfect moments out of ordinary ones."--Bruce Garrabrandt I put out the construction paper and the pots of paint and before I could get the...
Turning thirty

Six Goals for Turning Thirty

I’m about a month away from turning thirty and I’m financially stable, I have a retirement plan where I’m contributing at least 12%, my living will is in place and I’ve figured out how...

5 Ways to Prepare for Summer

For the past two years, summer has taken me by surprise and in a blink of an eye it was gone! I guess you can say that’s normal for a mom with toddlers –...
preschool and kinder

Kindergarten and Preschool – Am I ready?

Toddler Years Are Lightning Fast As I gaze upon my growing 5-year-old daughter, and hold on tight for dear life, the memories I’m trying to store in my head, I think to myself – how...
raising a leader

Raising A Leader :: What Does It Even Mean?

Raising A Leader: What Does It Even Mean? We have a lot of pressure to raise good leaders. The best way I know is to lead by example. You’ve heard it before, kids are sponges and...
Cricket Wireless Color Run

The Color Run, Sponsored by Cricket Wireless :: A Family-Fun Bonding Experience

**This post has been sponsored by Cricket Wireless to bring you this experience.  All opinions are 100% our own!** Thanks to Cricket Wireless, an offical sponsor of The Color Run, my family attended our first...

5 Ways to Reconnect with Your Partner Right Now

  I love catching up and reconnecting with old friends, school mates, my church community and extended family, but, for some reason it can be intimidating to find ways to reconnect with the one person...