7 Favorite Food Spots in Farmers Branch


Farmers Branch has grown so much in the last couple decades, and we have so many wonderful dining options for everything from your morning coffee to a delicious date night. As someone who grew up here and whose family has roots here going back generations, I love seeing more people discover all the things our City in a Park has to offer. Roots Southern Table is the talk of North Texas! And I promise I will get to that. But first, coffee.

Native Coffee Co. 4319 Alpha Road

Native Coffee Co. is the spot for a cup of coffee in an Instagram-worthy minimalist space just east of Midway and Alpha. The shop offers pastries and strong iced coffee, too. I’m partial to their iced coffee and a good book at a little table next a window. If you’re planning a meetup with a group of more than a few, you can even reserve their beautiful conference room for free for up to two hours. And for the true caffeine connoisseur, Native offers a coffee subscription.


Donut King 13260 Josey Lane #118

If you’re looking to impress your children with some over-the-top beautiful donuts, you’re going to want to drive a few miles west to Donut King at the northeast corner of Josey and Valley View. They’ve got every color, cartoon character, and theme you can think of in their display case. Be ready to wait for your kids to choose. It can be hard to decide when there are so many options.

Jerry’s Donuts 12895 Josey Lane #200

Now, if you’re looking for the best donut in Farmers Branch, you’re going to want to go to Jerry’s Donuts at the southwest corner of Josey and Valley View. This shop has been around for more than 55 years. It is a tiny place with an unassuming storefront. But you won’t find a more delicious donut in Farmers Branch.

Marshall’s Bar-B-Q 12895 Josey Lane #215

So, we’ve covered breakfast options. What about lunch? Just around the corner in the same shopping center with Jerry’s is Marshall’s Bar-B-Q, winner of the 2021 Witness to History Award from the City of Farmers Branch. The barbecue spot has been in business since 1965. If you ask locals who have lived in Farmers Branch for decades where to go for barbecue, there’s a very good chance they’ll send you to Marshall’s. You won’t regret it.

Cedar Creek Brewhouse and Eatery 13090 Bee Street

You’ll also want to head over to The Shops at Mustang Station. Cedar Creek Brewhouse and Eatery at the main entrance offers dozens of beers for every taste, as well as brunch, lunch, and dinner options. The burger is excellent. And don’t miss the three cheese spinach and artichoke dip.


La Mexicana Bakery 13920 Josey Lane #101

My favorite local panadería is La Mexicana Bakery on Josey Lane. I love their conchas. Bonus points if I can have a pink concha with my coffee. Whether you are looking for niño envuelto, barquillo, Takis, soda, or candy, this hidden gem has you covered. If you aren’t familiar with pan dulce, this is a great bakery to visit. And you can’t beat the prices.

Roots Southern Table 13050 Bee Street

Last one for today and the spot that is really putting Farmers Branch on the map is celebrity and award-winning chef Tiffany Derry’s Roots Southern Table. Good luck choosing what to order. Everything on Derry’s menu sounds so good. I think the only solution is to just keep making reservations until you have had a chance to try everything.

There are so many dining options in Farmers Branch now. And more are on the way. We’re excited for the Farmers Branch location of The Island Spot which is still under construction as I write this. Next on my list!


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