5 Types of Gifts That Are Always In Stock


This year, gift-giving is going to look much different. I’m replacing boxes with envelopes because if there’s one thing we need less of in my home, is more stuff. Blame the shipping delays. Blame the supply chain challenges. Blame the lack of retail employees. But the truth is that these gift ideas are fun and guaranteed to be in stock this season. 


Think about a class that your child might be excited to begin. Is your little girl or boy ready for their first dance class? Maybe your budding artist will thrive in art classes designed for his or her age? Our family favorite is the writing classes at Write On! in Frisco. The locally-owned writing studio offers a variety of classes and magically convinced our video-game-loving 8 year-old that writing can be fun.

How to gift: Think about purchasing necessary items for your child to begin classes. Pair the class gift certificate with something shiny and new to build the excitement. 


Consider something that gets the family out of the house this holiday season. Surprise the kids with a day at a local amusement park or a night at Great Wolf Lodge. A tradition that family friends of ours have successfully accomplished since their girls were littles was a family movie day. An entire day dedicated to watching back-to-back-to-back movies at a local theater. This tradition is one of my favorites to see, as it has adjusted to the different stages of parenting that families experience. What began as a couple of movies when the girls were younger, has now evolved to an entire day of movie watching with friends and family. 

How to gift: Maybe, in this case, bigger can be better. Think about inviting other families to join the fun! It can be a great way to foster connections with friends or strengthen relationships between cousins. 


Every year the grandparents gift us two family memberships, and I’m so thankful for their generosity. Our family favorites are the Dallas Zoo and Perot Museum. In addition to member-only perks, having an annual membership gives us the freedom to attend these places without feeling pressured to be there all day. Membership reciprocity is another benefit that we put to good use when we travel out of town or want to visit other local attractions. Check out this article about a buyers’ guide to Dallas area memberships.

How to gift: I love pairing these gifts with books that align with the theme or exhibits that our boys can expect to see when we visit. 


The possibilities are endless in an area as big as Dallas. Think concerts, theater, dance, and sports. One year, I planned a special outing each month. This year, the focus is on live events that we missed last year. My oldest and I will be singing our hearts out to Justin Bieber in May. Other experiences on my radar are SMU basketball, productions by the Dallas Children’s Theater, and taking my 8-year-old son to his first musical. 

How to gift: Add to this experience by purchasing a jersey or special outfit that can be worn to the event. 


It’s hard to imagine the brutal Texas summers, but they’ll be here before we’re ready. A gift to a summer camp is an easy way to get your child excited about something that will happen later in the year. Our family favorite is Pine Cove summer camps. Our oldest was ready for sleep-away camp by third grade, but our middle son shows no interest in being away from home for that long. Pine Cove offers a camp-in-the-city day camp alternative that works well for our needs. New to the idea of summer camps? Check out this article that showcases all the different options. 

How to gift: Let the creativity flow by putting together a care package that gives them hints about what to expect in the summer.

By prioritizing the ability to make fun family memories, my holiday shopping list is so much easier to navigate. These gifts are the best gifts because they won’t be discarded to the local thrift store by the end of next year.


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