5 Reasons to Attend DFW Kid’s Summer Camp Expo 2020


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“I’m BORED!” is a phrase that I have attempted to ban from our household. However, my opinionated daughter can convey boredom with a wordless eye-roll, especially during school breaks. 

Last year, I discovered an epic event to help educate me on all the ways to entertain my daughter during summer break: DFW Kid’s Summer Camp & Activities Expo.  

DFW Kid’s Directory has been connecting local moms to local family-friendly businesses for more than 30 years. And that’s exactly what they’ll do at their upcoming expo on summer camps for kids. From the second we walked in last year, we were dazzled. Princess Anna greeted us and posed for pictures while Book a Birdie braided my daughter’s hair to make her also look like a princess. They had a table full of fabulous raffle prizes from gift baskets to gift cards, too.

Each vendor sets up their own space letting you know about summer camps and other class offerings. There is seriously a camp for ALL ages. The best part is that each vendor brings a unique experience for the kids, so the entire day is a fun, family outing. Last year, one of the karate booths let the kids break boards after a short, educational demonstration. The next booth had projects where the kids could create their own robots followed by a booth with hands-on art projects. Click here to view a clip of last year’s event.

DFW Kid’s Summer Camp and Activities Expo dallas

5 Reasons to Attend DFW Kid’s Summer Camp & Activities Expo 2020

  1. Hands-On, Educational Demonstrations

There are numerous vendors set up to give you information on their camps. However, just looking at a really awesome table display doesn’t fully tell me whether or not my child will love and be interested in the camp. So I personally LOVE that these booths have hands-on, educational demonstrations. For example, my daughter is pictured below with Critterman, petting a snake. She thought this was beyond amazing and started brainstorming on-the-spot about her upcoming birthday and neighborhood parties… basically, any plan that might involve me hiring Critterman to come show off his creatures. I instantly grabbed the information to look through later.

Another favorite of ours was Chamberlain Self-Defense. They asked my daughter if she’d ever broken a board with her hand before. She looked at them as if they had lost their minds. They demonstrated and walked her through the process. When she broke through that wooden board, the look on her face was priceless. I would never have even considered a self-defense class for my girly princess until we stopped by that booth. This was another spot where I eagerly gathered more information.

2. Discounts

Many of the vendors will offer exclusive early booking discounts for attendees. Most of them allow you to give your name and email requesting more information, and they’ll send you a discount code. Others display their discounts on the website here. A little tip that I will definitely do this year (and highly recommend you do as well), is to print out address labels with your name and contact information. Then, as you walk around, you can put your sticker on the form rather than having to fill everything out by hand. Yes, there are that many amazing booths! 

3. Raffles

I’ll be honest; I’m THAT mom who originally attended this event last year specifically for the raffles. I’m a sucker for any opportunity to win free swag. Especially if that gift comes in the form of a week-long summer camp. Last year, I won a $50 gift card to Adventure Kids Playcare. Just check out the raffles pictured below from last year’s event. Rumor has it that this year will be even more spectacular. Giveaways, a listing of the raffles on-site, and early bird door prizes are listed here and updated daily.

DFW Kid’s Summer Camp and Activities Expo dallas

4. Fun Family Outing

This event is not only for gathering information; it’s also for having tons of fun! I do sometimes get nervous attending events with my daughter. I know she is going to have fun, which is why I go, but what about me? Am I going to be bored, exhausted, and put into socially awkward situations? I was a little nervous to go last year, at first, because I was worried about having to talk to the vendors and not knowing what to say. However, everyone was so welcoming and full of fun facts. I never felt pressured to give away my information or to sign up for a camp that I wasn’t interested in. I’m not sure why I had that fear stuck in my mind in the first place. I ended up having just as much fun as my daughter at some of the interactive booths. And when I wasn’t participating myself, I was playing the role of mamarazzi, snapping pictures of my daughter having the time of her life.

5. It’s Free!!!

Best of all, this is a FREE EVENT with early bird door prizes, raffles, and so much more. The DFW Kid’s Summer Camp & Activities Expo allows you to simplify your summer planning. It’s a one-stop summer camp resource event. You can get reserved discounts and enter to win free camps. It eliminates you having to spend hours searching for the right camp online. Find adventures, enrichment, and fun with options close to home and across the country. You get to meet face-to-face with camp directors and secure your child’s spot at the best summer camps! Do not stress out; plan your children’s summer and make it the best one yet.

When & Where

Dallas at Frontiers of Flight Museum

6911 Lemmon Ave, Dallas, TX 75209

Saturday, February 22, 2020


Frisco South Village Shopping Center
(Next door to Buy Buy Baby)

2930 Preston Road Suite 500 Frisco

Saturday February 29,2020




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