20 Indoor Crafts and Activities for Kids


When you have kids, there are going to be times when you are stuck inside! Here are 20 activities and crafts using things you probably already have around the house!

For the Little Ones:

Here are some activities for keeping little hands busy.

1. Cereal stacking :: Grab some play-dough and stick some uncooked spaghetti in it. Let your toddler stack Fruit Loops or Cheerios on the spaghetti. Older toddlers can sort them by color!

2. Pom poms in a bottle :: Empty out a water bottle and give your baby some pom poms to place inside.

3. Homemade mailbox :: Cut a slit on the lid of a large container. Give your toddler some cards to place inside.

4. Scarves in a wipes container :: Shove some scarves in an empty wipes container, and let your baby pull them out. They will love to do this over and over again! Check it out!

5. Blocks bath :: Even the big kids will love this one! Dump some blocks in the bathtub. Babies and big kids alike will play for a long time!

Crafts for Imaginative Play

Need a minute to yourself? Want to get the kids active? These crafts support imaginative play!

6. Toilet paper roll houses :: Create little houses out of toilet paper rolls, paper, and glue. I don’t know about you, but my daughter has a ton of little, teeny toys that never get played with! When I help her make these little houses, she actually enjoys playing with those teeny tiny toys!

7. Banjo :: Make a small banjo out of a jar lid, craft stick, and some rubber bands. Let them get fancy by decorating the handle with washi tape, stickers, or sequins. Here’s a quick how to. 

8. No sew sock bunny :: Check out this no-sew sock bunny. Let your kids create new friends out of those lonely socks without a pair!

9. Toilet paper roll binoculars :: Use two toilet paper rolls and secure them together with tape and some construction paper. Add some string so that they can hang from your child’s neck for some backyard exploring!

10. Toilet paper roll car :: Create some toilet paper cars to zoom around the living room using this simple tutorial!

11. Story Stones :: This one might take some extra prep work, so you might want to do it while your kids are asleep. Or if you have older kids, let them help! Paint pictures on garden stones. Let them dry. Take turns flipping them over as you add to a story based on the picture on the stone you flip over. Another way to play is to make a tic-tac-toe set. Alternatively, make a set with numbers and dots. Have your child match the number of dots to the corresponding number.

Busy Hands Crafts

Have your kids been begging you to make a craft? Here are a few simple ones to try!

12. Coffee filter flowers :: Grab a couple coffee filters, and let your child paint them with water colors. Once dry, twist them into a flower and tie a pipe cleaner stem to the end. 

13. Self portrait :: Give your child a mirror, paper, and crayons. Tell him or her to make a self portrait!

14. Rainbow mosaic :: Cut a rainbow (or another shape, if you wish) out of cardboard. Give your child small pieces of colorful paper and glue to create a rainbow mosaic. 

15. Handprint bunny :: Cut out the shape of a bunny’s face. Help your child trace and cut out their hands as ears to attach. Add whiskers, a cotton ball nose, and some googly eyes.

Learning Activities

Want to enforce the learning? Here are some fun activities to try. They won’t even know they are learning!

16. Play dough sight words :: Give your child some play-dough and a list of sight words. Have him or her identify each word and then write it with a finger in the dough.

17. Q-tip painting :: Check out this fun idea! Have your kiddos trace their numbers in paint with a Q-tip! You can also use this for letters or even sight words!

18. Cutting practice :: I love this activity for cutting practice. Draw a squiggly or zigzag line on a strip of paper. Put a sticker at the top and one on the end of the scissors. Have your child cut from bottom to top. We “helped a bunny get to its garden,” but you can use whatever stickers you like!

19. Sight word egg flip game :: Draw some eggs on white paper and put your child’s sight words in the middle. Call the words out one by one, and have your kid flip over the corresponding egg with a spatula!

20. Giant scrabble :: Make cards with letters and play giant scrabble! It’ll get the kids moving even if you’re stuck inside. Check out this Pinterest tutorial! 

Do you have any great idea’s for busting cabin fever? Let us know in the comments!


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