12 Ideas to Celebrate the Miracles of Easter Season with Your Kids


Purple and orange wildflowers bloom in a field under a blue sky.

If Christmas is the season of giving, then Easter is the season of miracles.

How fitting that Easter falls in North Texas’ glory season: Spring! When billions of wildflowers of many colors and shapes fill the fields and cover river banks with vibrant beauty. When the birds return to our skies and settle in to make a nest full of eggs.

Easter is about more than brunch, egg hunts, and Sunday-best attire, it is about a miracle.

So, how can we celebrate such a miraculous time? Here are 12 ideas to celebrate the miracles of Easter season with your kids.

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1. Draw or Write About a Lived Miracle

Ask your kids to write down or draw a picture of something in their life that is a miracle. It can be as simple as learning to ride a bike or the birth of their sibling. If they need some help, read the definition of a miracle and see what they come up with!

2. Pick Wildflowers 

Take time talking through the differences between the flowers, and ask questions like “These flowers don’t live very long, but do they have value? Why or why not?”

3. Watch for Wildlife 

Visit a nearby stream or pond and see if you can find new lives beginning such as tadpoles or baby ducks. Take the opportunity discuss what a miracle it is when a new life is born.

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4. Invite the Birds Over

Hang up a bird or hummingbird feeder. Purchase and secure a bird house to your fence or on a post and watch it become a new home this Easter season.

A bird house is attached securely to a gate to house a nest.

5. Bring the Garden Indoors

Pot a new houseplant with your kids, and give them the responsibility to water and care for it as it grows!

6. Watch the Sunset

Step outside at dusk, or, better yet, go where you can see the western sky. Ask your kids what colors they see. Talk through it as the clouds and colors change and how quickly or slowly the sun disappears on the horizon.

7. Bake Bread

Purchase frozen yeast rolls or make them from scratch. Let your kids observe the difference in the dough before it rises and after. Then bake it and enjoy the miracle of bread!

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8. Dance with Your child

It may not be a new life, but you may feel more alive afterwards! There is nothing else like moving in rhythm with those you love to a song that keeps your toes tapping.

9. Climb a Tree Together

Ask questions like how does being up higher change your perspective on your surroundings? Did you feel how the tree holds its own weight and yours when you were climbing it? Look at the roots of the tree and talk about how the tree grows down deep so it can grow taller.

Mom gives her son a piggy back ride, and he loves it!

10. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Alongside your kids, do something scary but good. Like eat raw broccoli, do a backbend, pump out 10 pushups, sing a song out of your vocal range, or anything that makes you uncomfortable. Use it to teach them that people have the potential to push past their fears and do things they did not think they could. The miracle of grit!

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11. Pet an Animal

Ask your kids to describe the animal to you. How does the animal’s fur feel? What color are his or her eyes? Does he or she like being petted? How do you know? Take a moment to revel in the fun and wonder that is this animal.

12. Read Your Child a Book

And watch them go to sleep. The small moments add up. They are seeds in both their hearts and ours. Those seeds bloom just like the wildflowers, so pile them high! Pile up the small moments with your beautiful children. Each one is a miracle.

This Easter, I hope you don’t do anything more than watch and experience miracles all weekend long. That is what I will be doing.


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