Liz Bracken

Liz is a mom to Miles (April 2014) and Laila (July 2016) and has been married to her husband Daniel for 6 years. She was born and raised in Dallas, leaving for about 8 years to receive her Psychology and Criminal Justice degree from Indiana University, and later her Master's degree from National Louis-Chicago to follow her dreams in becoming a teacher. After meeting (more like bumping into a blast from the past) her middle school crush on an American Airlines flight in 2009, they became engaged shortly after and moved back to Dallas. They now live in the same neighborhood Liz grew up in. She enjoys movie date nights with her hubby, vacationing at Target (sans kids), family fun days, Bachelor night with her girlfriends and just started a hip hop class. Her New Year’s resolution was to drink more red wine—and has been successful. And let's not forget her favorite pastime, overposting her fun-loving kids on social media. You can find those pictures on Instagram at @lizbracken2219.

A Breath of Fresh Air

It feels like a dream.This past summer my family and I went to Yosemite for 5 weeks, while my husband worked there! A lot of people asked? Wait, you’re going to be in the...
tips for a long road trip with kids

Choose your Own Adventure: Roadtrip Necessities for Kids

A little background: My husband worked for the National Park Service before we moved back to Dallas. Since we are both in education, we are able to go to the parks during the summer...
Preston Hollow

Neighborhood Favorites :: Dallas Style

We all love getting out of the house and trying something new.  What’s even better is when someone gives you an idea about a place you have never been before.  Well, here are some...
challenge yourself

Miles of Perseverance :: A Story of Challenging Yourself

Back in February we decided to do the silliest thing, sign our 4-year-old child up for HOCKEY. I find it silly mostly because I never grew up with hockey and my little boy is...
Trader Joe's

A Love Letter To Trader Joes

Dear Trader Joes, I have been meaning to tell you, I love you.  I love walking through your doors and being welcomed by the prettiest, affordable flowers. They are perfect for our house or a nice...
mom guilt

Today is the Day :: Overcoming My Biggest Mom Guilt Moments

Today is the Day! Lately, I have been having a hard time sleeping.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m EXHAUSTED…but I have had a lot of guilt wondering if I was the best person I could...
thanksgiving traditions

5 Thankful Traditions

I am so thankful! Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holidays.  So many fun traditions from growing up, until now. Here are some ideas to start with your family (if you haven’t already)— YMCA...

On My Miscarriage :: Staying Positive (For the Most Part…)

It was the just like any other summer day.  I was about 10 weeks pregnant, taking my son Miles to the mall to meet a friend.  Then, I got the phone call from my...
Lakhill Prep

Lakehill Preparatory School :: Not Everything is Bigger in Texas

**This post has been sponsored by Lakehill Preparatory School to bring you this experience.  All opinions are 100% our own!** Lakehill Preparatory School is an extraordinary school, guiding your children toward success. Have you heard of...

Pre-School Jitters :: Bring on the Waterworks

And just like that, my first born is entering his last year of pre-school. Four years ago I was dropping him off on his first day of school, that was such a huge step....
perfect mom

Sorry, Not Sorry :: The Not So Perfect Mom

It was just another night out to dinner.  My husband was out of town, so I decided to go to a new family restaurant to meet some other friends with their kids. Let's be...
books for preschoolers

My Top 5 Books for Pre-schoolers

BOOKS! There are so many books out there for pre-school age children. I get overwhelmed, not only by the amount of books out there to choose from, but also when is it time to...