Christine Bachman

Helping Your Teen Find a Job

Your Teen’s First Job :: How to Help Without it Becoming YOUR Job!

Their wings are beginning to spread, and they are ready to take the next step to independence by getting their first job. Not only is it a great way for them to see the...

Take Your Kids Back to the Basics at Camp Huawni

Hear that? It’s the outdoors calling!  Kids are SO ready to re-experience in-person fun. The chance for open spaces, fresh air, swimming, sports, arts, and crafts. That’s what Camp Huawni in East Texas is all...

Birth Story :: When The Birth of your Baby Doesn’t Go as Planned

In September, I discovered I was pregnant with my sixth child. As soon the shock wore off, the excitement took over. This is his birth story. A Maternal-Fetal Medicine doctor recommended that because of my...

A Summer to Remember at Camp Skylark

This year is flying by already, and it’s time to start thinking about summer camp and registering your children. Camp Skylark offers something for everyone. No matter what your child’s interest, summer camps help children...

Tips and Tricks for Making a Virtual Baby Shower More Exciting!

Social gatherings are not what they once were. It’s easy to embrace technology and host a virtual party. Not only is it safer, but it also makes it possible to include people who ordinarily...

When DIY Shouts SOS :: Closet Cleanout after the Holidays

There’s a razor-thin line between pushing yourself to learn new things and, you know, challenging yourself in a good way. It's important to recognize when to ask for outside help. This has been a...
Mulled Wine

Fall Drinks to Keep you Warm but Not So Fuzzy

The leaves are fluttering down, covering my street with a beautiful golden glow. There’s a chill in the air most mornings. It’s sweater weather! Time for pumpkin patches and apple orchards! If you are...

The Basics of FORTNITE…Explained!

You may already be familiar with the video sensation, Fortnite, which was released by Epic Games in 2011. With 350 million registered users as of May and a value of $17.3 billion, I guess...

Family Law DFW :: Finding Financial Freedom & Divorce

More than the in-laws, more than the kids—couples argue about money more than anything else.  It doesn’t matter if couples are wealthy or struggling, financial issues don’t discriminate. People have different financial priorities, different comfort levels...

Kidpreneurs :: Helping Your Kids Find Their Entrepreneurial Spirit

Amazon Affiliate Links are used within this post. We appreciate your support! Encouraging kids to start their own business and become a kidpreneur is a fun way to boost creativity and confidence, while also providing...
Sobriety resources for women

Setting the Glass Down: How I’m Getting Myself Back

This year has been interesting, to say the least!  For me, it started in January when I welcomed the New Year by experimenting with Dry January. I went without imbibing for the entire month. I...
A father and daughter read together in a fort they built.

Books to Help You Start Important Conversations About Race and Justice

As protests continue across the US following the death of George Floyd it's impossible to shield your children from the news, and I strongly feel that it’s better to tell your kids in your...