Chrissy Trotter

Chrissy Trotter
Chrissy Trotter is an Air Force brat that got the travel bug early. After college, she worked for nearly 15 years as a commercial airline consultant. During that time, she took a travel sabbatical around the world with her husband, Bill, to visit 23 countries. To date, they have visited more than 45 countries and 46 States. They have an 11-year-old daughter and an 8-year-old son and enjoy taking them on road trips or internationally whenever possible. When she’s not traveling, Chrissy is a Fora travel advisor and enjoys planning luxury and bucket-list travel for her clients. Chrissy also has a travel site, Destined Globetrotter ,where she writes about bucket list travel experiences, road trips from Dallas, National Parks, and more. Beyond travel, Chrissy enjoys history, reading, and “porching” in her Old East Dallas neighborhood with neighbors and friends and being involved at her children’s schools.
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