Cassidy Phan

Cassidy and her husband Jackson live in Garland with their daughters, Evelyn (March 2010) and Penny (June 2014). Both she and Jackson consider themselves wanna be foodies-neither are great at cooking but love eating great food. You can follow along with their Dallas Foodie adventures on Instagram @JustEatDallas. Beyond eating, she enjoys traveling, afternoon naps, and reading blogs. Follow her at

Step Back in Time to Yesterland Farm!

Originally published October 2012. I spend a majority of my week at work thinking about all the different things that I can do with my family during the weekend. My goal every week is to...
television shows

Ten Nostalgic Television Shows to Binge Watch With Your Tweens

My oldest daughter has transitioned from watching TV shows like Calliou (thank goodness!) and Sofia the First to tween hits like Bunk’d or Fuller House and I thought I would be relieved to see...

Travel Packing List :: Medication Must-Haves

I am fortunate to have the opportunity to travel quite often for both work and pleasure.  I have my packing list down to a science, but over the years I have discovered the importance...

Trouble Sleeping? Five {New} Tricks to Help MOM Fall Asleep

While all parents experience different and unique journeys, there is one thing that all parents can relate to: sleep.  It doesn’t seem to matter if you have a great sleeper from birth or one...

10 Relationship Game-Changers

This month, my husband and I celebrated 11 years of marriage, 15 years of togetherness. In comparison to how many more years we have to go, I recognize we still have a lot to...
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Surprise Diagnosis :: Pure Obsessional OCD

When I was in fourth grade, I remember being in the classroom playing with pogs. My opponent threw one at me (obviously my slammer had just destroyed his stack), and it hit me in...

The Gratitude Game

While I would love to take credit for this genius idea, it was inspired by one of my mom idols Carissa Byers. She shared that her family shares the things they are grateful for...

I Wasn’t in Love with My Daughters at First Sight

Women love to tell their birth stories, often sparing nothing.  Luckily, I consider myself a birth junkie so I enjoy hearing every minute detail.  No matter what took place from the time the mom...
Prevent accidents

Never Say Never: I Left My Daughter in a Hot Car

I left my daughter in a hot car, and if I could do it-so could you. “Hey where is Penny?”  It was such a simple question, one that any parent of a young child will...

The Non-Crafty Girls Guide to Freezer Paper Shirts

I have no idea when I became this type of mom, but when I was planning our first trip to Disney World as a family I knew I had to have matching t-shirts for...

Mom Confession: I Have AFV Syndrome

The scene is always set for the perfect storm- Dad holding the rope that controls the piñata, standing just a bit too close to an unsteady four year old that is blindfolded and was...

Ways to Cope When Your Family Vacation Goes Awry

We recently went on a family vacation to Disneyland, and let’s just say it was NOT The Happiest Place on Earth for my family and what I deemed to be a ruined vacation.  I forgot...